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I made this Filter the same as last time in the third Oil exchange.
Filter wrench is not required, there is no new expense, even in terms of performance
Since I could use it without problems, I would like to repeat it in the future.

First of all, the Size of the Fork attachment site is thinner than Fork, even if it can not be fixed, I thought whether it could be used if it were to be scraped off, but since it interferes partially with Brake hose, processing is necessary also on the Brake hose side.
As it is not a part that makes the effort to that extent, I gave up the installation, I can not trust Made in China again.
If Bikers' Fork Stabilizer sees product images, I think that interference with Brake hose seems to be avoidable.

I thought that it could be cheap at with Magnet, purchased, nothing was Paint on the exterior It was good at Simple
Since the tightening Torque is stated in the OEM, I watched it and installed it, but the next time I need to look it up
MT07 was 15 Nm

Oil Filter is exchanged periodically, but performance is not problem at all.
Also, as long as it functions as a filter, Manufacturer thinks it is unnecessary to keep in mind.

I purchased it with cool colors and shapes looking at the posted pictures.
I expected a little more beautiful Blue, but the real thing was a bit cheesy color.
I do not know other than Blue and I think that it would be possible if you liked the shape.
I like the way you say it somewhat (Lol)

When we arrived, it was already floating from release paper.
It seemed that the adhesive strength was not 0 and the season was still hot, so I tried adhering to Tank in the meantime and then it will float after a while.
As another means, by holding down from above for a long time, I hope that the shape of Pad itself will become familiar with Tank, I will keep curing Tape from above and keep it familiar 2 months.
I thought that it would have become familiar with it and seemed to be sticking somewhat when removing the curing tape.
But. It floated on the next day.
If you leave it like this, you will scratch the painting of Tank if you get in dust, so you only have to peel off.
It is mere Large loss.

Neck is expensive.
Wiring does not know Plus, Minus LED does not flow if connected reverse. Do not light. Blinker relay is OK for normal LED
Durability unknown.
Since connection terminals are small, confirmation is necessary when connecting
With installation Screw 8 mm, it can be installed anything, it seems that it is made by EC standard and it enters EMark. With mark

Connection CouplerWire Set (Other Company Product) Can be populated with, or disconnected from the Line. (MT−09) in the case of

I installed it in the new CBR 250 RR. There is no problem with Length and Pitch, but the root of Drain bolt (Washer contact surface) Is thinner than the inner diameter of Washer, so attention is required for installation. It is a product that leaks Oil if you do not loosen the Drain bolt while holding down the Washer and doing the center picking out. There is no problem if you observe the shape before mounting and understand the shape.