Kapasitas Mesin 108cc
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Torsi Maksimum -
Berat Total - kg
Kapasitas Tangki 4.4 Liter


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barang TOP banget ....plug & play ....kualitas cnc bagus

BESSLER 's Brake Parts reduces Stress in Machine control.
Motorcycle I was the leader who made Riding the most fun for me for over 30 years Brake Pads.
I used different Brands differently, but I arrived at Bessler.
I am sorry that Lineup that also corresponds to old vehicles is not available for my FirstMachine.

This is the Universal Product that will be sent though it is a special item.
Rigidity seems to be strong, but the price is high. The same thing comes out cheaply at Yahoo auction.

I bought it as being adapted to PCX, but when installed, it interferes with the Brake lever and the Stop-lamp stays on as it stays. Also, when hitting Shield Handlebar is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Both will not be able to finish to the limit.
"Processing is necessary" If it says, do not put it on the adaptive vehicle. I did shopping entirely useless.