It was a SEROW-based scrambler motorcycle that was designed in the image of DT-1. It replicated the atmosphere of those days by adopting front/rear plated fenders, a 19-inch front wheel, and a side cover that looked like a number plate.

Kapasitas Mesin 223cc
Horsepower Maksimum 20.0ps(14.7kw)/8000rpm
Torsi Maksimum 1.9kg・m(18.6N・m)/7000rpm
Berat Total 123kg
Kapasitas Tangki 8.3 Liter

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IGrip For Grip Φ22
Exhaust System Joint Gasket (1 Set Of 1pc.)
Power Cable (Plug Code)
QX Ring Seal Chain 428SRX2
Red Pad Brake Pads