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good material, hopefull can used for long lasting

selalu puas berbelanja di webike. original dan sesuai keterangan. cuma lama saja pengiriman nya. karen dari luar negri

It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

Aprilia RS125 MY08 Although IW01-31 (an equivalent for NGK No. 10) is usually used for racing chamber specification, only a winter season raises the main jet No. 1, and is using IW01-29 (an equivalent for NGK No. 9).

He bought it for kitaco VM26 setting.
Worrying is also pleasure.

It is cool.
It becomes a quite good accent.

It purchases by a dress-up grade up.

It exchanged together with exchange of a clutch wire.
Adjustment was felt easy that it is easy to carry out a pure twist time.

Setting parts are indispensable to a big cab wearing vehicle.

Pains was taken over attachment although he planned to have understood structure.
Although he wanted a little more intelligible description, a price may also be cheap, and it may be very easy if it gets used.

It purchased to setting of vm18 carburetor.
Although it was thin touch with the normal jet, since there was no telling whether it should be made how much deep, when it worried about what No. will be purchased, this product was discovered and was ordered immediately.
Although normal is No. 35, since this set is a three-piece set of 37.5, 40, 42.5, and 2.5 units, it is virtue rather than purchasing one piece at a time.
Setting is also easy, and the accuracy of the jet itself is good and it has satisfied it very much.
Since it is fine components, if it is entering a dedicated case, I will merely think that it was still better.

Z125 PRO with Endurance Rear carrier, 30? Top Case (K-MAX) I'm attaching.
It was Exactly with this Size Cover.
Both Front and Rear have a hole through which Chain lock passes, which is useful..
Belt for flapping prevention comes with 1 pc.
I think that it is good to purchase additional Belt when it is worrisome to look at the situation.

We are attached to VTR 250. I also added a hand guard at the same time, so I do not know yet, but the fastest speed fell a bit. I expect that it will become warmer, remove the hand guard and extend the maximum speed.

yeah i though , i bought the long version, instead they sent me the sort version.. the material is solid , the price is affordable.. , in general i like it.

I am happy that Piston Pin's Stopper looks like an OEM and it's easy to install and remove.
Next time I would like you to think about removing.
I am a bit worried that Piston ring is 1 pc.
The rest is generally satisfying..