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YAMAHA Remote JOG Spesifikasi Dasar

Kapasitas Mesin 49cc
Horsepower Maksimum 6.3ps(4.6kw)/7000rpm
Berat Total 69(Simulasi)kg
Tipe Mesin 空冷・2ストローク・クランク室リードバルブ
Torsi Maksimum 0.67kg・m(6.6N・m)/6500rpm
Kapasitas Tangki 5.7 Liter

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The Service manual of MR50 was purchased.
Although 30 years or more are an object for front vehicles, does it obtain even now?Although premised on the contents having the knowledge of maintenance to some extent, if it looks through before maintenance, it can tackle in comfort.Although MY Motorcycle is RD50, there are also many common matters, and it is consulted also about the compatibility of a Parts.