Kembali ke atas

Comfortable grips...simple and nice. Good

Safe packaging, received perfectly, good quality, easy fitting. Installed on CB400SS without any issue

Although I was using Brake Shoe purchased at less than 300 yen, it is bad crying and its effectiveness also works against a suddenly and it is hard to use and it is terrible squeaking anyway
And since Shoe was sticking, I exchanged it

Look at the items that I received ...
Engraved together ... shape together ...
Maybe the same product ... ??

Shoe image Left less than 300 yen
Right Side is PFP's Shoe
It is impossible for 2000 yen to be fixed price
I bought it because it was cheap this time ...

But it may be different material and so on ...
I tried to exchange it
Crying is terrible
No matter how much you did chamfer it was useless
If you scrape the surface, it fits to a certain extent but also it recurs again

If it is the same product, what extent is added at the package fee - -

I immediately exchanged for KITACO's Brake Shoe
The price difference from that of PFP company is 300 yen

After KITACO's Shoe, I have never been bothered by crying, and I am satisfied with the effectiveness as well as Large satisfaction

Would it have been better to buy that from the beginning ...

Temporarily this Shoe can not be Recommendation
If this is the same product, you can buy what is in a simple package at 280 yen

Can not Recommendation