YAMAHA Town Mate

YAMAHA Town Mate

Kapasitas Mesin 49cc
Horsepower Maksimum 5.0ps(3.7kw)/7500rpm
Torsi Maksimum 0.51kg・m(5N・m)/6500rpm
Berat Total 83kg
Kapasitas Tangki 5 Liter

128 Produk

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I bought it for my child's PW50.
It is less than half the price of OEMParts, the performance does not change, it will maintain frequently, so there are many opportunities to remove Exhaust pipe, so at this price Quantity : 2pc. Set is also available so I can buy it.

This time, at Repeat
I bought it. Mileage of 5000 Km from last time
Doing it
It will be replaced.. Since it is 2 stroke, electrode wear and carbon etc. The adhesion of
I think that it is the best time for exchange
Indeed when it comes to a new Plug, startability is
It gets better and Idling also stabilizes.
Although the price is somewhat high, the performance that it is responsible for
I think that there is.

It is used for Ducati M 400.
Since Motorcycle itself is a motorcycle whose starting performance changes every time depending on temperature and humidity, the goodness of starting performance which is the feature of Windshield IRIDIUM is not clear even compared with the normal Spark plug.
Similarly during driving, there was no change in fuel consumption.
Because Motorcycle is unique, I think that I just did not understand the difference.

Although the direction referred to as being fired by negligence if it uses for two strikes is, an Iridium plugs is combusted completely from standard heat value, if No. 2 is lowered from No. 1. -- however, although I would like you to be careful, it is always burned satisfactorily (light brown) in standard heat value -- please lower heat value after carrying out a thing check.

An Engine will be printed if this is not protected.

The Spark plug considered to have not been exchanged since the time of a new car. Since the
Engine's having started was dramatically bad, it exchanged. Although the

standard Plug could be sufficient, since he bought it with the Sale at a low price, the Iridium was used.

Although the comparison with a new standard Plug was not completed, the perfection of one shot came to start.
It changed dramatically.

The Spark plug used for a long time is under a bad condition. The
Spark plug is ♪ exchanged periodically.

Since start-up nature had got worse gradually with the pure Plug, the Iridium was supplied despite the moped.Since the Iridium was supplied to the Motorcycle besides
> former and the improvement in start-up nature, a Throttle response, etc. felt despite the amateur, it attached also to the DIO this time.The Engine starts pleasantly in the
> Cell of one shot.If an Axel is carelessly opened also about acceleration, it will be based on the way of, of course (smile) riding depending on which a Front floats.The
> price thinks that the boosting performance of only that is made by it, although pure lay also becomes quite high.
I think that I will continue using an Iridium plugs from now on also.