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The attached state is good, but Chatter is too much and I can not see anything Mirror if I try to drive. Unfortunately I gave it. It is a recommendation for those who place importance on the appearance.

Image is Right Side is Master cylinderLever of Nisshin so it is 10 mm from 8 mm OEM.

The diameter of Mirror is also Large Tiny, Small is not too much Simple, I think that Pipe stay part is Black as well and I think that it is becoming KSR in a tight atmosphere.
Outer part and Inner (Mirror part) And I think that visibility is good because the adjustment range is wide because three parts of Bracket root, Mirror side root, Mirror and Outer part can move.. Outer and Inner (Silver Partial) There is no problem because the movable amount of Large is not so big, but other moves.
When running, there is a shake in my KSR. If we attach Weight on the inner side of the Bar End etc., the blurring may be solved a bit. It's not just feeling too cruel.

If you do not change Clutch or Brake lever, you need to change to 8 mm Type, change to 10 mm Type if you change.
https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 20365709 /

I think that the atmosphere can be confirmed because Right Side of the image is Mirror of Madmax and Left Side is OEM.
Both of the last one are from Madmax.
I am satisfied because Simple is cool and the price is cheap.

I purchased it because the thing I used before was too useless.
It is clearly better feeling than the previous one though it is still replaced and Atari is not even.
I think that it will be even better if Atari goes out.

It is considerable braking power. For everyday Drive Front's disc brake may not be needed Level.

It will be 1500 km from the installation soon, but recently it came to sing at the time of Brake. Whether to deal with Grease or not...

I bought 60272 of DAYTONA which was rated good this time because I used Brake to raise the price of a certain one but it is ineffective from the beginning.
Since it was not easy until now, it may not be comparable, but Touch is also very good and it works well.
It is very easy to handle and relieve with feeling like braking while preventing sticking while sticking rather than working with guts.
This product is also very nice and good COSPA.

Although I was using Brake Shoe purchased at less than 300 yen, it is bad crying and its effectiveness also works against a suddenly and it is hard to use and it is terrible squeaking anyway
And since Shoe was sticking, I exchanged it

Look at the items that I received ...
Engraved together ... shape together ...
Maybe the same product ... ??

Shoe image Left less than 300 yen
Right Side is PFP's Shoe
It is impossible for 2000 yen to be fixed price
I bought it because it was cheap this time ...

But it may be different material and so on ...
I tried to exchange it
Crying is terrible
No matter how much you did chamfer it was useless
If you scrape the surface, it fits to a certain extent but also it recurs again

If it is the same product, what extent is added at the package fee - -

I immediately exchanged for KITACO's Brake Shoe
The price difference from that of PFP company is 300 yen

After KITACO's Shoe, I have never been bothered by crying, and I am satisfied with the effectiveness as well as Large satisfaction

Would it have been better to buy that from the beginning ...

Temporarily this Shoe can not be Recommendation
If this is the same product, you can buy what is in a simple package at 280 yen

Can not Recommendation

Since NORMAL has become quite difficult, purchase. I often hear it with a light Touch, and I am also easy to control. attachment - Removal was completed soon.