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The attached state is good, but Chatter is too much and I can not see anything Mirror if I try to drive. Unfortunately I gave it. It is a recommendation for those who place importance on the appearance.

Хорошо и плотненько наделись, рукой прикасаться приятно, выглядят стильно (для тех кто не любит пестрости а больше склоняется к строгим класическим цветам) Вообщем покупкой доволен, рекомендую! Google translate: Well and densely put on, hand to touch nice, look stylish (for those who do not like variegated and more inclined to strict classical colors) In general, the purchase is satisfied, I recommend!

The old bulb felt a bit dark and I bought this product after looking for a suitable product. In conclusion, it is very satisfied. It is much brighter than conventional bulbs. But the price is too high. It would have been perfect if the price was a little lower.

Vino (5AUA SA10J) We mounted on.
OEM's Mission oil cap is made in plastic and its color is White. It's not stylish.
I replaced this product with Red alumite.
It's just a self-satisfaction because it's not a part that you see while driving,
I was able to easily PetitDress-up ♪
It is also nice to have an Oil seal.

What can I say-the jet a little added maximum speed/ performed efficiently and accurately. take not the first time I recommend to buy+is better than drilling yourself. KITACO!

If you buy OEM or OEM second hand, I think this is good ♪
There is no dissatisfaction with texture and accuracy, BrakeTouch also works well with few inputs due to the difference in Cylinder diameter with OEM. (I think that this neighborhood is liking)

It was a pon attachment without mounting, especially processing

I used this product for MATE 50.

Rear Carrier has harvest boxes of classic farmers but it can be used without turning up.

Rainwater does not seep so far, and the work on Motorcycle is also Large It is not strange.
I am a bit worried that the cloth is very much PePera, but there is only it to see the situation.

Ideal for One point Custom. Although it is only self-satisfactory, appearance changes considerably and Cost performance is good. We are exchanging at the same time with Mission oil cap of the same Manufacturer, but it is satisfied Customly.

I got AXIS 90 of 20 years of age, but maintenance and maintenance are needed here and there.

Because it is cheaper than OEM and it has become a set, it saves the labor of ordering considerably ♪

However, in general, accuracy is slightly sweet, and wearing is required to feel like pushing slightly.

Image is Right Side is Master cylinderLever of Nisshin so it is 10 mm from 8 mm OEM.

The diameter of Mirror is also Large Tiny, Small is not too much Simple, I think that Pipe stay part is Black as well and I think that it is becoming KSR in a tight atmosphere.
Outer part and Inner (Mirror part) And I think that visibility is good because the adjustment range is wide because three parts of Bracket root, Mirror side root, Mirror and Outer part can move.. Outer and Inner (Silver Partial) There is no problem because the movable amount of Large is not so big, but other moves.
When running, there is a shake in my KSR. If we attach Weight on the inner side of the Bar End etc., the blurring may be solved a bit. It's not just feeling too cruel.

If you do not change Clutch or Brake lever, you need to change to 8 mm Type, change to 10 mm Type if you change.
https : / / www. webike. net / sd / 20365709 /

I think that the atmosphere can be confirmed because Right Side of the image is Mirror of Madmax and Left Side is OEM.
Both of the last one are from Madmax.
I am satisfied because Simple is cool and the price is cheap.

We use Grom type 2 type Box.
Large body Cover, but Front tire is out a little.
Box There is no problem with the rear wheel ,,,,,,!
For people parking in places other than the eaves, you may already prefer a top ranking Large!
I am satisfied with the price.

Not a sweat! Blends easily with the original lever. Fits right in and easy to install. My scooter feels like new again when you drive and brake. Makes the braking more reliable and easier to pull the lever. Cheers WeBike!

As CYGNUS's Cable was changed to BWS around CYGNUS X Front, it was too long for CYGNUS Cable so we asked webike to confirm with Manufacturer the length before purchase, so we could install it without any problem.

OEM same etc. So it is very ordinary.

It is inexpensive, T16's 12v 10 w Valve is not being sold locally and it is very appreciated for me. There is no problem with the feeling of use.

After raising from Main jet # 92 to # 100, I felt Power up at the moment when I tried running ♪
I tried a little adjustment on the driving system, but I felt the whole area Power up with the original setting, I feel accelerating, Speed ??improved more than once around Speed ??together ♪

The installation with Exhaust Chamber Single Body was about 30 minutes and also included Flange type Gasket.
Since there is no Gasket sticking like the Normal muffler or NRMagic's Sports Exhaust System that was previously installed, you may need a Flange type Gasket made by KN at the time of replacing the Gasket.