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Kapasitas Mesin 124cc
Horsepower Maksimum -
Torsi Maksimum -
Berat Total - kg
Kapasitas Tangki - Liter

720 Produk

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It chose by appearance.
A portion black when grasping is collapse.

I used it for the 2008 MODEL of KSR 110, but I could use the Filter, but the O-ring could not be used because the size is Small.

I could not use the O-ring but at this price it was expensive as a result.

From now on, Small things like O-ring will still use OEM.

I purchased it for 2018 Z 900 RS.

This "Type : C "is a type that can also be used for NAKEDSeries such as ZrX, ZEPHYR, Z, BALIUS, and Off-road motorcycle.

There is a hole for Penetrating the Chain lock in the front and back.
In the Center at the bottom of the Cover there is one Belt for preventing rattling.
CoverQuantity : Pair (for Left and Right) There are Duct which seems to be for heat dissipation and sticking prevention.

The Japanese Motorcycle will put Handlebar Lock with Handlebar cut to Left.
This Type : C seems to be made considering it, the Mirror part of Left is shallow, the Right Side has a clear shape.
According to the shape of Motorcycle, Type is divided finely.

By the way, when you were riding GPZ00R or ZX - 9R before, for Type of Full Cowl : I was using D. Since Full Cowl Motorcycle does not move Mirror even if you turn off Handlebar, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It was symmetrical..
Now I am using it for off-road motorcycle. I have been using it outdoors for over 10 years, so it was truly worn out as expected but Belt and Buckle at the bottom can still be used well.

It's a bit expensive but I think the durability is relatively good.

Off Car Exterior Replace with Cowl's H4 Bulb.

Off There is almost no Space behind Light if there is a car, buying this product because the fan on the Connector side does not fit well.
When I looked at the LED from the front, I was worried that the light would go forward ahead, but it was dazzling when I saw it from the front after installation.
Although it was said that the head was not rigidly attached by the other person's review, it was able to be installed without problems.

It is unknown how bright it is because I do not run at night, but I am expecting Large as I was not flickering at Idling like Mr. Halogen.
And how long is the life span.

It is supposed to be compatible with 93 'KLX 250 S, but Ring of Center' s Rubber is a cabarever and there is a gap with Oil filterCap, it is not useful for a role, and Oil filterCap does not close a few millimeters than an OEM Filter! I want to return but because the time from purchase is also running, I can not use it for the above-mentioned models that only crying..

Can be installed and used without problems.
Effect,? Emblem is weakened. ? Beat of the Engine - Vibration lowers. ? There is little power of low rotation.
Afterwards installed RapidMotorcycleEasy also has the same effect (?except for) , But the change is dramatic in RapidMotorcycleEasy. (Because the price is high)

ROYALSTAR1300 (VXZ13AT) I tried to equip it. I feel brighter than before, but since I have not traveled at night, I write the comments next time.

The installation was no problem at all.
When I turned the cell with expectation "Gakki" The sound...
It broke with a single shot.
Moreover, it seems that the debris fell into the Cylinder, turning the Plug back and turning the cell produces an abnormal sound.
I just went for repair as it was.
KawasakiOEMBore Up Kit + Since the port has been modified, it may have been a problem if it was a real OEM.