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Neo Masker Wajah

 Model : RFM01
(ada ulasan pelanggan)
Harga: 188,976 IDR (1,600 yen)
Dapatkan Poin Webike: 16pt (1%)
Please select a color:
  • Type: M/Skull (White) | Mengetik : M / Tengkorak ketopong ( Putih )
    188,976 IDR
  • Type: X/Skull (White) | Mengetik : x / Tengkorak ketopong ( Putih )
    188,976 IDR
  • Type: X/Skull (Red) | Mengetik : x / Tengkorak ketopong (Red)
    188,976 IDR
  • Type: Flame (Red) | Mengetik : Bingkai (Red)
    188,976 IDR
  • Type: Checkered (White) | Mengetik : Pemeriksa ( Putih )
    188,976 IDR
  • Type: Solid (Black) | Mengetik : Padat (Black)
    188,976 IDR
  • Type: Star (Red) | Mengetik : Bintang (Red)
    188,976 IDR
  • Type: Paisley (White) | Mengetik : Paisley ( Putih )
    188,976 IDR
  • Type: Camouflage (Green) | Mengetik : Kamuflase (Green cahaya)
    188,976 IDR
  • Type: Camouflage (Beige) | Mengetik : kamuflase (Beige)
    188,976 IDR
  • Type: Camouflage (Gray) | Mengetik : kamuflase (Gray)
    188,976 IDR
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* Tanggal Pengiriman dan waktu Perkiraan kedatangan tidak menjamin.
Setelah pesanan Anda ditempatkan, kami akan memeriksa stok dari produsen dan mengirimkan Pengiriman waktu yang dikonfirmasi melalui e-mail.
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Batin Side Warna : Hitam
Bahan : neoprene
Ukuran : Bebas
Half Mask of Neoprene Bahan.
Ini mencakup hidung, mulut, pipi dan dagu, dan melindungi wajah dari angin, debu dan debu yang diterima dari depan.
Neoprene adalah bahan dengan properti Waterproof tinggi, properti retensi panas dan properti tahan angin.
Semua musim untuk naik sepeda motor Hal ini dimungkinkan untuk menggunakan Masker.
Hal ini juga dapat digunakan dengan Reversible, dalam semua Hitam.
Dengan Free Size, Anda dapat mempercepat belakang kepala dengan pita Sihir.
Inner Side Color: Black
Material: Neoprene
Size: Free
Half Mask of Neoprene Material.
It covers the nose, mouth, cheeks and chin, and protects the face from wind, Dust and dust received from the front.
Neoprene is a material with high Waterproof property, heat retention property and windproof property.
All seasons for Motorcycle riding It is possible to use Mask.
It can also be used with Reversible, the inside is all Black.
With Free Size, you can fasten behind your head with Magic tape.
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Terakhir Dikirimdi Masker wajah

    Purchase for sunburn protection in the summer. Until now, Sleeve of this kind used the guy attached in the appendix of the magazine.Sleeve of the appendix I used up to now was quite a tight fitting feeling and it seemed to have left the seams in alignment with the arms, but this item is a product of the first-class Manufacturer. Moderate oppression...

    Oleh Anonymous (3)DariMalaysia

    I normally sweat quite a bit while riding under the sun, thus i thought a mask would give some protection to my Shoei helmet, which I do not have to uninstall and clean it often. It is a comfortable to wear and do not feel hot at all. However, it proves to be inconvenient for rider like me who wear glasses. You would find it hard to hook your glass...

    A little hot

    Posted Jun 21, 2017

    I bought it with cheapness and design but it feels hotter than the full face mask of Thailand Chi used before. Stickiness of sweat, the remaining condition of sweat is not so good. Even when you take off after going home "sweat" It is a feeling that remains. But it is ◎ that there is a handle and it sticks to the head and face ◎!. Next ti...

    Certainly somewhat narrow

    Posted Jun 5, 2017

    Until now I was using DryMesh Type made by PAL co., But I found this product about half price and tried to buy it immediately.There is a feeling of smoothness more than using PAL co..However, since the growth of Material is small, the hole part certainly feels narrow.In case of PAL co, I brought it under the nose, but with this product, it got hard...

    For Dam trucks Helmet

    Posted Jun 4, 2017

    I imagined that it was somehow hard, but I bought it, but it was soft like Handkerchief.As Jet helmet exposed her face, I was wondering if safety would improve slightly,It's not like that. Also, Minus is where some of Wrinkle, which I can not take, was in the Front side. I will use it for avoiding wind and taking measures against privacy.

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