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【KIJIMA】Oil Filter

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The magnet looks like Ferrite ? ? ?

  • Pengulas: Japan User(translated)
  • Ditulis pada: 2018-10-09 05:24:37
Even if you contact KIJIMA, detailed Spec. I was not taught, the feeling I saw was an ordinary Ferrite magnet.

There is a magnet in the Center part where engine oil that passed through the Filter flows in the Engine, but if it is an ordinary Ferrite magnet, it will be cracked or missed by the impact, so I am worried that the fragments will not enter the Engine. There is no problem if the missing magnet sticks to the iron part inside the Oil Filter ? ? ?

If you have a structure that attracts iron powder with a magnet before going through Filter, I think that it is good to prevent Filter's eyes ? ? ?

What is it?

Since there is no notation in Body, you can not do Appeal that Magnet In Filter is attached

I wish I could take care of it, but I will check what happens to the Magnet section the next time I exchange an Oil Filter.


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