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【SP Tadao】POWER BOX Exhaust Pipe 2

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Looking for ease of handling of 1st and 2nd speed

  • Pengulas: Japan User(translated)
  • Ditulis pada: 2018-07-15 13:13:07
It is 5 years since I got on WR, but I finally bought it. Since installing also loosens several Bolt and exchanges it with OEM, I think that if you are a little familiar with the work you can install without problems, but if you do not remove the remaining garbage of OEM Gasket on the Exhaust System side well and cleanly Since there is a possibility that Gas leaks after installation, it is attention only there. I am satisfied with the feeling that I changed some sort of appearance after installation. As a ride impression, I was able to feel the change from running. Especially I felt that the growth of 1st and 2nd speed got better and the embreement at the time of Downshift was relaxed making it easier to handle. In addition, I was able to run using Torque up as a whole, up to the sixth speed I did not normally use in skusca. While riding, I certainly feel a fever around sune, I think it's better than Motorcycle with Cowl. Even without buying the Full Exhaust System, it was good enough to buy it because it is affordable and the price is affordable.


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