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【YSS】MONO LINE Rear Single Shock [MZ Series] MZ456

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Large I'm strange

  • Pengulas: Japan User(translated)
  • Ditulis pada: 2018-07-15 02:25:11
It's an exchange from OEMShock that I missed. A8Japanese specification

I did not get to famous Shock such as OHLINS and NITRON so I made it for this item.
We could buy it at BALL SALE in the 60 th place.
GPZ can be easily exchanged if you install Center Stand. In addition, I also made Grease up around LINK.

It is attached with the same length as the OEM as far as the car height is attached.. Rear's car height rose in empty condition. Even if we put weight over bridges, it does not sink more than OEMShock. (The 27-year-old Shock was a scusque, did not it?)
You can feel the rigidity of the suspension as soon as you start running, you can see that Well stepped on!
I confirmed with Manufacturer that she is setting 70 kg weight. Because I felt a little hard because I was accustomed to missing Shock, I adjusted the elongation softly (Return from Hard back from 12 to 17)

Running swapping Shock has become more fun. Although OHLINS and NITRON are better in performance, YSS is satisfactory enough.
I'd like to try Spring's Pre-road and car harmony and try Iloilo.
I should have exchanged it faster


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