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【CF POSH】Power Booster

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We recommend using in combination with outside exhaust system

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  • Ditulis pada: 2016-09-27 19:11:08
This and DAYTONA's Turbo filter are classic because they are cheap in APE customers as well. With these two things, I did not know the radical change there. In my case I use BEAMS's Exhaust System and surprisingly Power Punch and Torque will come out. After all it should raise the air if you intake it up.

I set this up with DAYTONA's Turbo filter, BEAMS SS 300, Silver Posh CDI, FSprocket to 15 T and the flatland 60 kilometers is exceeding lightly. APE is slow if it is NORMAL but it will be pretty quick with Light tune which does not modify this Engine.
Even if you do not set the Large is robust but once KITACO's 62. I am using MJ 5. It is somewhat expensive, such as Amazon, but it is on sale.

The speed of the picture was taken early in the morning with a farm road where private houses are not nearby. It seems to be almost flat. I also measured the way back, but there was not the biggest difference between the fastest.


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Compared with NORMAL parts, accelerating power has improved as well.
Replacement work was also easy.
We did not need any adjustment of Carburetor, so we could use it with confidence.
I am satisfied..

Exchange with the thing of the OEM at once "Red circle of the photograph is the exchange part"
We also exchanged MJ that we bought together and tried running! It seems like the high speed range has blown up to Smooth from the medium speed range, and the running has become faster! (It may be due to mind)

Since it only merely changes, this one is easier.

Although the original use was differed from, it was used for the height earnings for equipping a CUB70 with PC20 carburetor.

By inserting this Parts between 12way Attachment of a KITACO, and a Manifold, The position of a carburetor becomes high, and while the heat conduction to a carburetor decreases, a Chalk lever can be operated from the Leg-shield hole of a CUB (some processings are required for a Leg cover). The
photograph is a position of the carburetor at the time of using the above-mentioned specification (PC20 carburetor -> from a top to a Manifold -> CF POSH CF Posh
Power-booster -> KITACO 12way Attachment).

Although it is a Parts which makes Power of these vehicle types raise by originally exchanging for an APE or the pure Insulator of XR, I think that various usage can be done according to a device. It is also a delightful Point that it is Gasket enclosure!
I think that intensity, those that are used for an original use since it is enough, and those diverted to other vehicle types can be used in comfort again!!

Since it had extracted considerably, the Insulator of the NORMAL was exchanged. a
attachment self-object -- it was not so difficult and carried out.
I merely feel that a price is somewhat high.

It attached to the ape 50.
Exchange also finished immediately and the necessity for carburetor setting was also seldom felt.
(I think that it is based on the method of touch.) However, although idling is mere a few, mind which became unstable is carried out.
I think that I will ride to a slight degree and will adjust.
Although purchased as a measure against a hard slope, the effect was seldom felt ...
In the start in the second gear position from the waiting for a signal, it is brought strongly!

preeminent MJ of an effect is pure considering a price -- since the price with positive it being effective since it becomes good exactly by No. 65 [ 60 to ] is cheap buying it certainly -- it is

They were the parts changed first.
It only exchanges for this product from normal parts.
The maximum speed was increased with torque up.
The necessity for carburetor setting is not felt, either, but a price is also handy and a recommend.

At 100 cc, the power booster of the time-tested product ? was changed to the trial at 50 cc.
It attached to APE50 with an external muffler and an external air cleaner.
A feeling of Power differs from the product clearly!! On the level which can be felt, it became the touch which torque went up.
Although I think that there is individual specificity, since it is easy, it is a recommend.

It had stuck to XR50 motard.
It is completely different only by being able to come and changing.
Those who consider where it will convert from by a normal ... He should buy this for the time being!

It was the time no knowledge was still not much those days which purchased and equipped with this.
I think that what was necessary was just to have expanded the insulator of normal when considering now.
Then, 1000 yen floated.
It did not borrow [ whether it is also having upgraded and ] by not quite satisfactory.
By that, it is considered as two stars.
Manufacturer Mr. I'm sorry 竊凪?

Size of the hole like double of normal!! As itself, it is the touch from which the Fourth gear became a smooth.
I think that it is ordinarily good.
A required attachment time real 5 minute tool: Monkey or spanner