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【amon】Socket with Line (Female)

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Used to install Navigation

  • Pengulas: Japan User(translated)
  • Ditulis pada: 2015-09-04 17:46:53
Since Navigation's power supply was Cigar socketType, I bought this product. Just by inserting the Cigar socket, there is no lock, so I am worried a bit whether the Socket will come out due to vibration during running etc..


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It has attached to the inside of the sheet of CB1300SF (^u^) Although the
> Cigar socket is seldom used, it is attached to urgent.
Although it is actually used several times, it is a large difference in that there is a Cigar socket and the thing which is not.

When going on a trip, he puts in the Cable for charge of a Cigar charger or others under a sheet, and is trying to go (^-^) Since the Battery is carried under the sheet,

CB. Easy <(^-^) br>safety and since it is safe, the Fuse holder (E425) of the flat package type has also attached attachment simultaneously. Although
> one attached using the Terminal set, when linking a Cigar socket with a Battery directly, he needs round terminals and a plug terminal Set. Since the
> price is also cheap and attachment is also easy, it is recommendation for Long-touring groups (#^.^#)

[Webike Monitor] It was used by the
> vehicle.
power-source extraction is taken out from a Fuse, is a peculiar part and is performed by substitution with the existing Fuse, and since the plug is attached, you should just insert the male of a Socket here. However, the Minus side must prepare the line for connection with a metal part, and must press-fit and install the male of a plug. If many
Accessorieses are attached, since it becomes octopus wiring, appearance is also bad, and it is good for feeling it refreshed on the Dashboard flesh side.

It is found useful to attach the battery charger and electronic autoparts of a cellular phone to a motorcycle.
Since it is not waterproofing, do not make it better [ to expose not much ].
Since I made it expose and had attached, when it left about several months and the socket was removed, I was full [ inside ] of rust...

Charge of the cellular phone enabled it to be able to do by motorcycle, or it is made to like to be able to detach and attach an electric spectaculars, and this was attached.
Since there was no place which can attach stay and a screw to a socket body, it stuck and fixed to the car body with double-stick tape, but I think that there should just be something that can be fixed firmly since it often separated.