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【DAYTONA】Slim Reflector Kit

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Refreshing Rear

  • Pengulas: Japan User(translated)
  • Ditulis pada: 2015-05-14 07:16:04
This time I bought a Reflector kit to refresh Rear.
When I took all the Rear Fender, since the fixed place of Rear blinker disappeared, I cut off a part of Rear Fender and installed the Reflector kit, but Rear refreshed more than I expected and it looked like Large satisfied finish It was.
However, it was difficult for me to cut Fender by my own tool, and I got it done at a car shop.


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I purchased it because I do not like the ACTIVE Reflector.
I wish it was a landscape thin reflex Recta ...
It's DAYTONA and it's my favorite as it is Image 14R.

A little more price.

Purchased along with Fender Eliminator. As its name suggests, Slim is very slick and Balance with Tail lamp is patchy.
I got lost as Plate type, but it is enough for functionality without bubbling.

Because my own Reflector was missing while I was not aware (fell) I bought it.

I think that it can be used with confidence because it is made by DAYTONA.

Installation Bracket is unexpectedly thick, so it will not fall easily (It does not break) I think.

Reflector is also landscape, Stylish is a little different from OEM.

Moreover, because the installation angle is set to 45 degrees, the angle of Number is to some extent
I understand.

In my case, it is BEET's Fender Eliminator, but again Reflector faces upward.
I am thinking about changing the angle at the next maintenance.

I used it for MONKEY. Since there is not much gap between License Plate and Tire, I was looking for a thin Reflector and I bought it because there was a Reflector of exactly Size from DAYTONA. Well it was solid and it looked pretty

Reflector was necessary with Fender Eliminator and purchased. Since it was my favorite Manufacturer, I decided to buy it immediately. Shape and quality are satisfied with Large change.

When I turned to Fender Eliminator, I had trouble but I did this.
There were many other things, but the feeling that you can see casually under the License Plate is very good without damaging the feeling of Fender Eliminator's clarity.

I bought the Fender Eliminator of ZX-6R, but because Reflector is not attached, I bought it separately.

It is installed together with License Frame but it is satisfying to be strong.

Large enough, I'm satisfied with Large. Balance was also very good thought. It was good to make this item as a result of having troubled with the item of Others. I am self satisfied, but ~

The size of the License Plate and the good Balance. It is a nice way to install it. I am very good with it because it is thin in Ikeda.

Reflector Bracket made it as Fender-less and made its own product, but this product has improved appearance as shape and strength are well prepared.

My handmade is good with my technology, because I feel like handmade by all means, I could exchange it.

Rust and vibration seems strong, is not it?.

Buy Fender Eliminator Kit because Reflector is not included.

I am quite satisfied with the refreshing just fine around Refreshing Number by Fender Eliminator.

I think that it is good because there is no problem in terms of strength and there is no cheapness.

Bracket's strength, paint finish, Reflector was also a good thing. I am not on Fender Eliminator because of Exhaust System's relationship but I installed CEM and OEM Reflector in combination with another Bracket. As Rear is clearly visible when number is attached to angle, it is a nice feeling.

I think that the shape of other companies is a book and it is limited to Slim of DAYTONA.
It is cheap to sell in certain ok but Reflector breaks immediately, I hear the iron part quickly ,,,,,,

I bought it with HURRICANE's Fender Eliminator Kit. Because Reflector is not attached to Fender Eliminator Kit, I bought a Reflector kit to become a violation. Only after about 2000 kilometers traveling, only Reflector was gone by vibration - - -
I just bought the Reflector again.

It is an exchange from the OEM Reflector.
Since Reflector was a one-piece type when Fender Eliminator was done, it was necessary to install and purchase.
I do not argue at all and the price and design Slim!

It can be mounted with two screws and anyone can install it!

Although as small the one as possible is good, it is not meaningful if not visible to a following car.I think that there is required sufficient engine performance even if small since this Reflector is often reflected.It is touch as also feel form refreshed and it has only Colet rather than the thing of the other company.

This Reflector was purchased and attached with Fender-less-izing.The same product of
book Manufacturer is purchased also before, form is oblong, and it is not too large, and is too small satisfactory.

Although he thought that it was a Parts which is not conspicuous out of the grade don't be just shone if it says, when it Fender-less-izes, it looks fairly unfashionably if only a part for the circumference of rear one to have felt it refreshed is large. [ that a Reflector is still pure and ] Although I think that those who do not care are good, the goods here with which a Slim can be equipped with a Refreshing according to the form of a Number do not spoil appearance rather than it is square and large. I think that we can also recommend a price to others and those such that want to be scrupulous since it does not change.