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【K-CON】Sealing Washer

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[webike Monitor] There is no
oil leakage. Since it is cheaper than an original manufacturer's product, it is satisfactory.

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  • Ditulis pada: 2012-11-01 21:58:52
[webike Monitor] There is no
oil leakage. Since it is cheaper than an original manufacturer's product, it is satisfactory.


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It is very ordinary. It is just a Manufacturer item. Used for CB 1300. OEM purchased at the DREAM store before was cheap. No trouble after installation.

There are also cheaper products in terms of price,
The making is quite different from the comparison.

But actually I purchase both,
Oil in regular feet Replacing the cheaper one to the frequent Motorcycle frequently,
Touring and so on but going to Motorcycle with less frequent exchange
I use this item.

Is the difference in price an assurance fee.

Oil It is surely exchanged at the time of replacement.
After exchanging, I ran about 1000 km, but Oil did not leak well.
Because it is not a high thing, let's exchange it.

I think that there is no problem if only compatible models can be confirmed. Especially neither it nor impossible. If you can install it I would like to see the passage of time and the degree of deterioration.

I will try to replace it whenever Oil is exchanged.
Oil It is cheap if you think about leaking.
I exchanged 1,000 KM running but there is no leak.
Let's exchange Sealing washer when exchanging Oil.

Sometimes these niche products sometimes have not been placed in the Home center or supplies stores. Unit Purchase is something I can change to Large. It is KITACO masters. I want you to continue selling it in the future.

It was a product as expected.
Oil It is surely exchanged at the time of replacement.
If you can prevent Oil bleeding at this price you will naturally buy it.
Although I ran about 100 Km after the exchange, there are no particular problems for now.

At the time of an oil change, since it exchanges each time, this cheap product is chosen.Although it is natural, there is also no oil leakage after bolting.It continues to use [ continue ].

It is especially not too bad.It is changing into the new article for every oil change.Since it uses from before and oil leakage was not carried out, either, Colet obtained easily is used.

It was used on the occasion of an oil change.
Although the Gasket currently attached from the beginning till then was used about, it was dreadful to have licked the Screw of a Crankcase and it exchanged.
Although this product was used a number of times, now, the thing of Original Brando of a certain tool store is used.
The other side is cheaper although it is almost the same as the goods here.

It purchased according to the time of an oil change.
-- becoming uneasy truly, although old one is used about about twice --
-- it exchanged for this part.

It can be used especially satisfactorily (it is natural). I think that I will purchase each time at the time of an oil change as


If it purchases together with most Oils, does a mailing cost turn into no charge?

Although the drain packing of the DAYTONA was used before, it is cheap [ it is thin and ] uneasy somehow, and in that respect, the Drain washer of a KITACO is thick, texture is also good, and the bottom (there was no oil leakage) does not feel uneasy. Of course, there is also no oil leakage!

Since the Washer is also flat if a Drain bolt is bound tight, it is necessary to exchange. It uses together with the
Bolt, oil leakage does not occur, either, and it is not abnormal.
It is [ that it is hard to be crushed ] strong although it is the 2nd time that uses.

[ -- the Webike Monitor ]
-- such parts are good to exchange without sparing.
I want you to also carry out conclusion sale of about five pieces.

Since it was a Parts for which only the time of an oil change is exchangeable, it exchanged drastically, but it was a very good product.

On the occasion of an oil change, it was used as a Washer of a Drain bolt.
It can use satisfactorily especially.

[Webike Monitor] The right after

photograph left's using it is a new article.

Although it is little consumable goods, it will be troubled if there is nothing.
It is really appreciated that such accessories can be released and it always finds it useful. If a bore is measured with the
> Vernier caliperses, it will gather in that here generally.
> -- incidentally -- the object for ZEPHYR750s -- always -- the
product number 0900-092-00004
-- it is used here.

Although it is natural, naturally it is functioning.
Since it is called for that such Partses naturally function, the
price and the engine performance have no complaint. Since it is
> consumable goods, it is a Parts to always stock. A Recommendation is also purchased by

shopping occasion as a reserve.

It is in play [ of D-Tracker125 ]. By the replacement from a
authentic positive one, any problem cannot be found and it can use. Although the
original manufacturer's product has a troublesome order, this product can be ordered immediately and is convenient. They are consumable goods indispensable to
price adjustment.

At the time of the oil change of SV400S, an order was placed together with the Oil.
Although it does not understand well efficiently, it can use ordinarily, and an Oil also leaks or it is not blurred. Isn't it the best for fraction doubling of the
price on order?