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【MOTO GARAGE Remotion】Tandem G

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Although he wanted to carry out the son and tandem which are 5 years old and being searched with whether there is any anything,
Although the time of the place to grasp attaching the ordinary tandem belt, and it bending backward at the time of accelera

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Although he wanted to carry out the son and tandem which are 5 years old and being searched with whether there is any anything,
Although the time of the place to grasp attaching the ordinary tandem belt, and it bending backward at the time of acceleration or start, or sleeping in a tandem was anxious, since the shoulder strap attaches this in addition to the waist belt, it is safe.
There is a sense of togetherness with a passenger, and if it is a child, it is a point which it can also evaluate that it can operate by the touch which carried the rucksack on the back.
However, when it falls over, it will fall over together.
Probably, this point requires cautions than the usual tandem.


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We have adjusted the Belt several times as the child grows.

In the beginning, going a little less than an hour, get up well

Although I was there, I can sleep on my way home - - - Sometimes, asleep.

When the neck fell sideways, myself was also a little frustrated and felt.

But, I am satisfied with the use.

I purchased it because I am anxious at Tandem belt to tandem with Small student 's son. Belt adjustment on the Rider side and Tandem side is necessary first, but once you adjust it the mounting itself is very easy. Even at high speeds and acceleration, my son is safe and Large pleasure.

It purchases for a Tandem with a child.
length adjustment took time.If it is a dash line comparatively since the portion of
shoulder and the portion of the circumference of the waist separate, I will think whether it can run [ which is a circumference of the waist ] at least a portion.Since the
lock part is a product made of a Plastic, overconfidence is impossible, but I think that he feels easy also only by having equipped and can concentrate on operation.

It purchased for the Touring with a schoolchild's child.
although the Touring was carried out without attaching anything until now -- a child and a beam -- when nothing was attached, it was dangerous and was not able to concentrate on operation.
Dramatically satisfied, since after purchase can be concentrated on operation in comfort.
It is that attachment takes time and effort somewhat as a difficulty.
On the character of such an Items, since I cannot get others to help, it is unavoidable.

The son of 2 years old and a half, and use. It practices by playing with toy trains at home, and he is Gulli about the circumference of a house. It is used for the welcome and send-off of a nursery school now [

It purchased to the son and the object for Tandems for elementary school two years.It is solid and can carry out a Tandem in comfort.Even while he is sleeping, a duty is achieved enough.Although it is bulky in carrying, it puts into a storage bag, puts in in a Helmet, and is acting.

It purchased for the first Tandem with a child. It seems that it was able to ride in comfort at the
beginning when it got used, although it was a おっ kana surprise.
Even if it probably dozes, I think that it will be OK.

[Webike Monitor] Although put on a Motorcycle for the
child's nursery school welcome and send-off, it purchased, but the Size of
goods was seldom somewhat greatly useful. I want the display of the
Size to do
display of by the age of a certain amount of child instead of an adjustment Size. Back attachment also takes time and it is difficult for it. It is thought by the size of human being who rides before
that a Size changes with sheet form
of a Motorcycle. Although it will think to Mr. Manufacturer from now on, it wants and it is a cousin, since it considers that it is more user-friendly to fix after riding on the back Motorcycle, and the Belt of not attachment but a child and an adult having dissociated and sitting on a sheet
Since the price is cheap, I think that it is good, but I think that what was necessary was just to have used other things.,

Although purchased in consideration of safety on the occasion of a tandem, since situation plug wearing took time and effort and time was taken, he rebought the product of the other company.
Although I thought that it was being able to say also to what, when it was a convenient idea, it realized expecting more than a price.

It purchased to tandems with a nephew.
Although attachment takes time, sense of security is different.

It purchased in order to carry out a tandem to the daughter (height of about 130 cm) of the smallness 3.
even if it has put back, it is almost comfortable, and a tandem can be carried out comfortably!! buying it absolutely, if it is this sense of security at this price -- it is .

The tandem of this is attached and carried out, or it becomes, and there is sense of security.
It is quite recommendation when carrying out a tandem to a child! A price is also handy and user-friendliness is also good.

It uses, when carrying out a tandem to the child of the second grader in an elementary school.
Since it may sleep so that it may be pleasant when a child rides on a motorcycle, such goods are indispensable.
Desorption is merely fairly troublesome.
It was thought that it was expensive for a belt of free nylon.

It is an indispensable article at a tandem with a child.
Since it does not fall even if it sleeps, it is safe.
Back of a difficulty is heavy at the time of a brake.
(It is unavoidable.) It is dangerous, if it does not remove perfectly when getting down.

When riding behind a motorcycle carries out a tandem to a favorite schoolchild's son, it has used regularly.
Although the waist and the waist were connected with the rope for packing to the character of 8 and the tandem was carried out with it at first for emergency falling prevention, this tandem G was got to know and it was prompt decision.
Since its waist was thick and tight at this tandem G when trying on actually, it is purchase with G grip and the set of an option article.
(The circumference of the maximum waist becomes large about 10 cm by using together with G grip) Although I think that there is also sense of security which has stuck this belt, since he may sleep when it is running for as long as 1 hour, at the time of tandem touring with a son, they are necessaries.
It is really appreciated that the sense of security [ be / no emergency ] -- is obtained at this price.
When waist could be adjusted greatly to a slight degree, it was dared to use four stars for the fat self, although having considered the price and the effect it was a five stars in respect of --.
* Since it is a size which has margins of enough to the person of a standard type, it is reliable!

It is the highest evaluation in all (--笙ェ a tandem can be carried out with a child in comfort it is ~ recommendation ~).

It purchased, although a tandem is carried out to a son.
Although wearing has been delayed at first, a son will also get used if even a hang is held.
Since the shoulder and the back are also fixed only unlike the belt of the waist, it is safe at the time of acceleration and deceleration.
If a child rides behind a wonder and a motorcycle, he finds it useful very much so that he may become sleepy.
I am using together with G grip.
It is good kana even if there is no grip, when a son's body becomes a little larger.
It is a recommend anyhow.

Instantly, he equipped and went out with a 7-year-old son.
Unlike the thing of only a waist belt, sense of security is completely different.
Even if it bends backward, it is realizable to support the child firmly with the shoulder strap.
The time and effort of wearing is not felt at all, either.
Do about [ being bulky when it removes, if you dare to say a difficulty ]?

It uses, when carrying out a motorized tandem to a 4-year-old child.
(For putting on a large scale, I am still fearful) Wearing will completely change sense of security.
It does not ride without this any longer.
When it rode for the first time, it was only this belt, but it attached by the handlebar for children, a step, and its original work next.
Riding on ? motorcycle has gone by favor to the park pleasant and favorite every weekend.
By that (the jacket for children, a helmet, a neck guard) whose load increased, with the box of GIVI which was being used until now, it has not entered and adds a general-purpose side case newly.
Since the leg guard was also attached to the windscreen, it is a slightly strange motorcycle (smile).

It purchased according to a 4-year-old son's birthday.
After reaching the house, first of all, by the tandem, it sat on the floor, and it adjusted to the wife lightly and was given in a child and the room.
Since our motorcycle has a pannier case in an address, it is a backrest substitute.
In about about 5 km of one way, although the tandem was carried out, uneasy one has run [ the rest ] in comfort only by the beginning.
Since the storage bag was also attached without the first adjustment being also so difficult, when folding well and storing, since it twined, it did not become precocious.
You are a price which can be purchased easily. You carry out a tandem to a child, and can you carry out a recommend to a direction to go to?