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【KAWASAKI】Tank Emblem Classic

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Although attached to ZEPHYR750, it became smart at the highest.
Although the logo of ZEPHYR is also smart, a capital letter kawasaki is astringent too.

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  • Ditulis pada: 2007-05-18 18:29:41
Although attached to ZEPHYR750, it became smart at the highest.
Although the logo of ZEPHYR is also smart, a capital letter kawasaki is astringent too.


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I purchased it because I did not like the OEMTriumph style Emblem of W650.
Making details is also good, and adhesion is also high.
I also considered other Manufacturers, but I think that I was glad I bought this.

KawasakiTank emblemCLASSIC
I bought it for the first time in 24 years.
Since it was stuck on ZEPHYR 400 at that time, I decided to put it on DAEG as well.
However, since it is slightly different from Image, keep it.
I want you to sell it not only in White but in another Color

Purchase Fuel Tank of W800 to paste after custom paint in W3 style. Currently putting Tank in Paint, I have not pasted it yet, but it seems just right for the Large in Fuel Tank of W800. Old car style Design is good, texture is good.

I installed it in the W650.
I do not like Emblem of Standard Triumph Momoki, purchase old LogoKAWASAKI. It seems like Han (^^)
Although I was worried that Tank's Earle was strong, I will fix it firmly. Painting is also beautiful and satisfied. Time to look at Motorcycle has become longer (Lol)

I am attaching cheap items of the same shape that I purchased at a certain Oakoshi now but when I painted it I tried to change Kawasaki OEM 's Emblem. I do not know but the appearance will not change so the place I am making may be together (Lol)
Form, Design is Cool.

The Tank emblem of W650 was not pleasing, and it purchased and attached this product.
It matches to W650 well very well by a traditional Design.
attachment is easy only by sticking with double-stick tape.Since it can curve according to the curved surface of the
Tank, a feeling of a Fit is also high.

It is exchange from the horse emblem of a vario.
BITSU [ a KAWASAKI logo ] too -- ~.
it became tight -- feeling and coming out -- very much -- mind -- it is!

Blue x white It is the highest!

If normal, it was an emblem sticker of the character of big K, but since the same thing as people was disagreeable, the normal sticker was removed.
Although having removed very well was serious, as it deleted with the spatula of the plastic, it took about about 1 hour, covering boiling water.
The sticker here is GOOD! in the touch like a vintage.

It is used for kawasaki 250TR.
It is pleasing by the manly classic design.
Although the tank was a curved surface mostly, since the emblem turned at it like a griddle to some extent, when it was a tank of 250TR, it was able to be attached satisfactorily.
Although it gets wet to rain repeatedly, it has not separated for four years the place which is Kon.

It attached to the zephyr 1100.
Since parts were replaced to the ball color of fire, it is very pleasing.
I think that everyone can also satisfy the texture of appearance well.
The kawasaki of a capital letter and white is smart after all.

The tank of the zephyr 400 was equipped.
This emblem is necessaries in order to make Z2 look perfect, since he is projected [ the tank ] with the sheet metal.
Although it is comment to attach, this emblem suits the coloring of Z, and the tank of this form too.
When attaching to a round tank, an emblem is bent to some extent according to a field, and if the place which makes and sticks a form is degreased exactly, it does not separate but can stick an end finely.

It attached to W400.
It drifted in a classic atmosphere, and although the motorcycle was matched well and it was pleasing, the R of the tank was surely too strong to stick exactly finely.
(After a while, an end will float a little) It is regrettable because texture and a design were good.
The goods themselves are feeling of a classic smartly. Since it is perfect, it is recommended!

He bought 250TR of the white tank.
Atmosphere also changes sticking this sticker (emblem) to a classic very well.
If it sticks after degreasing, as other persons' impression was suited, it can stick on a beauty so that it may be really pure.

It has stuck on 250TR of the white tank.
It became classic somehow touch.
After other persons' impression taught and degreasing, when sticking, it was able to stick on the beauty.
If it bends previously according to the curve of a tank, it can stick on a beauty.

The zephyr 750 was equipped.
Motorcycle like Z2 replica The zephyr 750 is suited too much! Since double-stick tape will adhere easily if it does not remove carefully when removing the original emblem, let's take care, and remove slowly.
And 笙ェ stuck after certainly washing an adhesion side to a beauty using a degreasing agent

Delivery was quick, had to pay a lot extra once it arrived due to import tax etc. in reality nothing to do with webike and their service, but with the regulations of my country. I have yet not mounted the emblem, maybe when I choose to repaint the bike. The emblem turned out to be better than expected, nice and crisp in its appearance and sufficiently soft to be formed without cracking or breaking.