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【J Trip】L-Shaped Receptor 1

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Although CBR and XR are owned, in CBR, it is a hook bolt +V receptacle.
It purchases to XR which cannot perform attachment of a hook bolt.
It is raised lightly, without damaging a swing arm.
It is kind to chain maintenance etc.
For those b

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Although CBR and XR are owned, in CBR, it is a hook bolt +V receptacle.
It purchases to XR which cannot perform attachment of a hook bolt.
It is raised lightly, without damaging a swing arm.
It is kind to chain maintenance etc.
For those by whom it is used by two or more vehicle types, it is recommended.


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Although CBR and XR are owned, in CBR, it is a hook bolt +V receptacle.
It purchases to XR which cannot perform attachment of a hook bolt.
It is raised lightly, without damaging a swing arm.
It is kind to chain maintenance etc.
For those by whom it is used by two or more vehicle types, it is recommended.

Although the standard receptacle was used for some time, if L receptacle set purchase is carried out lately and it is used, the L receptacle here is clearly easier-to-use.
It is a recommend here and there [ first ].
The vehicle type incidentally used mainly is a zephyr.

Since the rear shaft was using it for Ducati in the air until now, the shaft type was used, but since it needed to be used for a wife's motorcycle, L receptacle was purchased.
Although it was trustworthy that the shaft type of the possibility of an accident is lower, the raw material on which it is hard to slide is used, and it was able to use, without becoming so nervous.
That L receptacle rotates also has the expensive point.
It is a recommend also in the unfamiliar one.

It purchased together with the stand for the first time.
For the first time, since it is troublesome to remove a surroundings check pin usually although it lets an axis pass to an axle shaft, the stand is found useful.
For the moment, there are no omission and it can use satisfactorily.

Although lift up of in the case of usual drive chain lubrication was carried out to the axle shaft of the stand for the first time by the set of the type which lets an axis pass, L receptacle set was purchased in advance of chain exchange this time.
(since it was a little uneasy independently on the occasion of a lift although it had a cylindrical standard receptacle made of a rubber) Compared with a standard receptacle, a lift can be carried out safely far.
It is regrettable that stand standard set sale of the L receptacle was not carried out those days I purchased the stand main part.
Since it was more expensive, it was considered as evaluation of three stars.

-- J trip [ ] -- it is purchase in order for the stand to be under use for the first time and to use it by CRM250R which is not opening a hole to an axle shaft.
lift up of the shaft is put in and carried out to an axle shaft -- -- when L receptacle is used compared with the stand for the first time, it applies to the stability after the time of lift up, and lift up.
It is whether to topple a motorcycle, if how which having used twists uses it although the direction which is used to stand credit by racing stands etc. will probably be satisfactory ...
It is safer for it to be satisfactory if it is a chain maintenance grade, but to fix separately, when doing the work which requires power.
(It became that it is actually likely to push down several times) Maintenance stands have been separately purchased as an object for CRM250R after all.
although it will be satisfactory if it works carefully -- -- rather than there is nothing -- Massey -- since it was moved by the thing, they are two stars.

In order to use it in CB400SF of the preceding car, it purchased separately.
If it has even L receptacle, it should be able to correspond to any motorcycles.
I think the kana in which some hangs are merely compared with V receptacle.
Even when a car body is somewhat slanting in case of V receptacle, a receptacle sometimes separates [ seldom ], but since it will separate in case of L receptacle if a car body is not made vertical, by the vehicle type which does not have a handle in rear parts, such as SS, I think that it is very hard to do.

[Webike Monitor]
J Trip begins, and it attaches to a STAND, and uses for the SEROW. Although I think that an Off-road stands is the best for the
off-road vehicle, since the direction also with a street motorcycle is applicable to both of Maintenances by this one, it is profitable, & convenient.
Since a red portion is a raw material with grip force, it has been hard coming to slide it and it is safe.
This made the Maintenance very easy. I think that what was necessary was just to have bought it earlier.
Although it is not a cheap thing, since there is value beyond it, he will buy it, if you think that it wants, and there is no loss.

Simultaneous purchase was carried out with the Short stands. Die length can be adjusted now with the
Since the portion which receives a Swing arm as a Point rotates again, a Motorcycle is far stood lightly so that a Center stand may be stood. In the direction of
square-shaped Swing arm, it is recommended.

For the first time, although it had the STAND, tire replacement did not have a Wheel removed but purchased L receptacle Set drastically.

For the first time, although some were used to the Maintenance stands in the STAND, if the Swing arm slid down change in L receptacle Type from a Shaft penetration Type from
L receptacle, it was as uneasy as ..., but. Even if it removes a Wheel, it is stable, and the resin coating of L receptacle thinks that it is achieving the effect. The work of the
> STAND-UP has also raised both positioning and workability, in order that resin coating may control a slide.

[Trip begins, and it attaches to STAND ], and uses for DUKE. Since the
Swing arm had a special form, it was uneasy, but there is also stability, and it can use convenient.

Both are used for a Motorcycle with V characters in all. Just an honesty L receptacle is enough. They are goods which it is very easy-to-use and can be trusted.

From the first, the Maintenance stands of V character Hook type was used.
Though it was natural at the time of Rear-wheel desorption, the Axle Shaft had to be pulled out, but this V character Hook became obstructive physically, and workability was bad.
For this reason, it purchased to Rear-wheel desorption.The area of the L section which receives a Swing arm is enough, and since the Rubber is also solid, it is used in comfort.

Since he had bought a penetrated type Maintenance stands by mistake, he bought L receptacle in a hurry.
Chain cleaning of VTR progresses now.

Although the Short stands of J-Trip is used, this L receptacle also reaches firmly a Swing arm with narrow width of the
Mini bike with a long attaching part.

It is very strong, and even a large-sized Motorcycle is stabilized very much from a Mini bike, and can be held again. Although properly used with
V receptacle, it is as convenient as it uses in spite of itself with L receptacle since it is easy to work just for a moment.

it becomes impossible to use by Motorcycle change, raises alone L receptacle purchase, however in the beginning, and uneasy, although popularity was V won until now and being used -- being certain -- since it is general-purpose although it thinks that what is necessary is just to get used, I would like to interpret anyone as the ability to use and to make it my own thing

Although I had been using the STAND of J Trip company from before, and used for a Motorcycle of 250 cc or more until now, it purchased as an object for Mini bikes this time!
Since there is compatibility also in the product of the other company in fact very in a user friendly manner, it can use very conveniently. although it is some as dissatisfied, it is easy to be torn in a thing with a weak portion of a Rubber -- feeling -- coming out -- it is -- it is used, reinforcing with a Vinyl tape etc. each time.

[Webike Monitor] Since it changed to the vehicles with which the
Hook bolt is not attached, it changes into L receptacle from
V receptacle. The ease of receiving of an Optional parts regards the
J Trip as good with

It is paint application and a device of a raw material. Although the function as a product is perfect, isn't the device out of which rust cannot come easily made?
The sticker also with a simple Brand logo is only stuck again.
Probably in the Category, it seems that it is a Manufacturer which is proud of an overwhelming Share. Goods improvement much more than
is expected.

Although V Hook was used, when a Muffler is changed into an external thing, in order to contact, it changed into L receptacle.
It can be used satisfactorily.