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【J Trip】Short Roller Rear Stand (Body Only)

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It purchases to maintenance of 07-CBR600R.
A short type is chosen so that it can use also at a narrow place.
It is used with V bracket implement and the hook bolt of an option.
It can set lightly by itself from the state stood in side stands.

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It purchases to maintenance of 07-CBR600R.
A short type is chosen so that it can use also at a narrow place.
It is used with V bracket implement and the hook bolt of an option.
It can set lightly by itself from the state stood in side stands.
There is also sense of stability thanks to roller geometry, and appearance is also cool.
Flexibility is also recommended highly.


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The direction maintained by itself is indispensable.
There is a rigid feeling and it can carry out the lift up of it in comfort.
Since the short type can carry out lift up on foot, supporting a car body by itself, it is really easy.

With [ he buys it and ] no mistake!! He should have bought it earlier (^_^;)

It purchases to maintenance of 07-CBR600R.
A short type is chosen so that it can use also at a narrow place.
It is used with V bracket implement and the hook bolt of an option.
It can set lightly by itself from the state stood in side stands.
There is also sense of stability thanks to roller geometry, and appearance is also cool.
Flexibility is also recommended highly.

When applying the stand currently used for ninja250R purchased since it came to have carried out maintenance by itself.
Since paint application of the portion which thinks can do simply, it became easy [ chain cleaning ] very [ portion ] thanks to this and which will touch the ground surface if it is merely used will peel anyone off immediately if it was being raised only by breaking in lightly and even a procedure is protected with Ho although it is alike and the talk of having fallen is heard.
He thinks that he is a stand suitable to kawasaki riding since the color which is sticking the rubber sheet bought in the home center is lime green.

It purchases as first stand of Ninja250r.
When it was used for the 1st time, the location which breaks in a stand was puzzled incomprehensibly, but to the 2nd time, it got used to hold a hang.
It becomes markedly easy to do chain maintenance and an oil change, thanks to this.
They are indispensable items when carrying out maintenance by themselves.

Although there is no center stand in TW225 and it was having a close game to maintenance of the circumference of rear one, cleaning of the chain became very easy by having used this stand.
A support occurs simply using L receptacle and there is sense of stability very much.
This is already necessaries at maintenance.

It is used for the maintenance of ZRX1200 daeg.
Although he bought it at the time of the zephyr chi which was before -- Since great Koto cannot do it so much even if he calls it maintenance, can perform at least light care and cleaning of lubrication of chain oil, etc., but.
If there is a stand since the zephyr chi and ZRX1200DAEG do not have a center stand, either, care and cleaning of a chain is very easy.
If true, it is a five stars, but since the location of a daeg of the stand hook bolt of a swing arm is low, splendid power is needed for raising in a stand.
Although short stands were enough at the time of the zephyr chi, in the case of a daeg, the direction of the normal stand instead of short stands may be comfort.
(By the manufacturer HP, there are notes about use by a daeg) When getting used, it was satisfactory at all, but in short stands, since power was surely used, the part one-star minus was used.
If the stand suitable for a motorcycle is chosen by motorcycle which does not have a center stand fundamentally, it is convenient without a complaint.

Green is purchased according to a kawasaki.
Although he was still poor at treatment in the first stand, it was raised somehow or other.
The rest cannot but manage the number of times and cannot but get used.

GSX-R1000 It is used by 07.
It can change into three steps from a low location to a high location.
lift up cannot be carried out unless it applies weight with sufficient vigor to a stand, since it is short stands when raising in the high location of a third stage -- practice is a little required.
When giving a car body, let's take out side stands first.
Since it is compact, a housed place is also easy.

It is used in DUCATI.SS.
It is possible to raise also by large-sized motorcycle comparatively, without needing strong power, and since space is also the die length of the almost same about as a motorcycle and a rear tire, a place is not taken.
It is the shin without a relapse being already possible, once it uses the stand of J trip, although the stand without a comparatively cheap roller was used until now.
It is worthy of paying this price more than enough!

It purchased in order to make as easy to carry out as possible the thing and maintenance it was serious to have washed a chain.
Maintenance was carried out, carrying out 2 value difficulties of the jack of a car, before buying it.
It is serious after purchase and it is only thinking good ~.
Above all, the motorcycle raised in the stand is cool!! If it gets used so that it may be an animation of handling, it can treat satisfactorily at all alone.
He bought it and it was large satisfaction.

it is used by ninja250r -- although it is a shot stand -- the time of up -- a chain -- GOSHIGOSHI -- until now which did not become precocious since it was shocking and unsteady also when taking down from a stand, without becoming unstable.
OK, if a lift is carried out with a jack even if there is no stand -- although it was a group, it uses if compelled -- it will be rich -- the maintenance without Colet is considered -- not having -- if the direction in which it is also the points also carrying out from the room of an apartment compactly and lightly and not becoming pain and about which it worries is -- right or wrong!

[Webike Monitor] It is since it bends gradually whenever it uses being in intensity, although the cheap article purchased at the auction was used until now [
]... Although this STAND here was purchased, It is J-TRIP truly! It is the design which is very easy to hang, and structure is also strong and safe. And it was more surprised [ than expected ] a main part is lightweight. This is a Recommendation!

Although it wavered with the Long type, there is also a Space and it chooses a Short. The
assemblies are a Screw stop of four wheels, and fixation of an option L character Angle.
L character Angle is applied to a Swing arm, and it fixes so that the Arm of a Short stands may be depressed with foot in the way which stands a Center stand. Because of the
Short, weight is light to a disappointment, although it was determined. It is short if the
Space is considered.

Have done very strongly and the
Tire which became the structure firmly made thicker than other Maintenance standses has also become two pairs, it was fixed independently, also as for it, the bearing of the Tire is also made of an Aluminum, and I regard it as it being made in Japan [ true ] --
-- although there is that it is higher than slightly heavy one and other STANDs etc., you should choose this, if you would like to use for a long time

It came to purchase and worried dramatically in the Long type or the Short type. Although it can raise comfortably at the time of the Short-type
Lift up which is not bulky in work space although slight power is needed at the time of the
Lift up, As a result of Long type [ which has a Space taken by vehicles back ]
Worrying, since it was [ that back feels it refreshed in / direction / itself ] good, the Short type was chosen. It is at least until [ as a Rear tire / exactly same ] a position. Since the
Short type was also solid, it was stabilized and the STAND of J Trip was able to carry out the Lift up.

It purchases for an oil change or a Maintenance of a Chain.
beginning -- -- if it pushes down -- -- if it does although it was uneasy -- 超- overly easy!!
-- watching to too much joy for a while, and straddling it -- GP Rider feeling --. if it is in a Maintenance of the vehicles of only the
Side stands -- super-convenience! in order that it may have and a hand (it breaks in) portion may touch a ground surface directly at the time of

use -- paint application -- ハゲ ます. Since it can respond to various vehicles if

receptacle portion is changed, COSPAR is high kana.

He attaches and uses V receptacle Hook and an Active (ACTIVE) Fashion hook.

When raising, since a load is surely applied from one side on structure when lifting the Motorcycle of a Side stands, the Roller stand of J Trip which consists of two Pipes does not have worries about a twist, and is strong. (although it is probably controllable so that a load is applied simultaneously if it is a PRO)

Again. Although the Long version was a catchphrase with ! raised [ a child's power or ], when the adult used, so big the power at a Short version could not think necessity, either, and was actually unnecessary.
Since the Space which the way of a Short version tidies up to it is not taken, either, this one is recommended.
> -- structure is [ part more expensive than others ] solid from others well -- part conviction can be carried out.

It is a Maintenance stands of strong easy-to-use J-Trip. Since that
> we purchased the thing of this Lime green is the original thing out of which this color came, the color is deeply painted from the
present thing.
I think that the present thing is the Lime green which is used for the present 10R etc. Although it also has the old STAND without the
> Roller, required power is a great difference when raising. Although it is the
Short stands, it is such touch which is going up if you notice also by ZZR1400. the
woman -- easily .

It is if there is nothing using this Maintenance stands, such as a direction felt uneasy.

Although the Rear stand of another Manufacturer was used before, the Roller was
Attached, and since it was easy-to-use, the product made from
J Trip which is with a Roller this time and has notability was chosen. Although there are the
> Short and a Long, if it is a Middle class, it is short and enough. The
> Rollers total four of two right and left. Since it is a product made of a Rubber, a Lift up can be carried out smoothly.
There is also a reference animation which covers a STAND over
> Manufacturer HP simply, and I thought that he was very kind.