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【DAYTONA】Turbo Filter

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It is the greatest sale that it is exactly geometrically since it is fabricated as address V125 exclusive use.
Although I think it became quick since this was used, and that it does not go easily simply since adjustment of intake air of V125 is fairly

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  • Ditulis pada: 2007-05-11 17:32:01
It is the greatest sale that it is exactly geometrically since it is fabricated as address V125 exclusive use.
Although I think it became quick since this was used, and that it does not go easily simply since adjustment of intake air of V125 is fairly delicate, I think that they are parts which are needed in order to maintain the whole balance.
Although it is the specification fundamentally used by dry type, it also seems that it is effective to blow oil on a gray sponge portion by spray, and to tune finely in the state like a half-wet type.
If it tampers with this hit, I will also regard FI controller as becoming wanting.


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Maintenance was replaced by Normal filter. For NORMAL's wet Filter this item is a dry Filter so you can exchange without polluting your hands. Although I can not feel the direction of the effect, I used it as Maintenance supplies. Those who are thinking about replacing please consider.

It is used for ADDRESS-V125 G (K7). A 40,000-km traveling vehicle is equipped.
The reaction of the Engine to the
> Axel became good, and when opening an Axel, it came to feel it light.
As for an Engine, now it ran 4000 km is smooth. I think that acceleration to
speed of about 70 KM is also better than a Normal filter. Reuse by making it wash and dry with
> neutral detergent is possible. Since it is not necessary to use kerosene etc. for
care and cleaning, it is recommended.

It is easy wearing at carburetor adjustment needlessness and Oil needlessness. A breath is blown from the Inlet of

Air-cleaner VOX, and aeration resistance is clearly small as compared with a NORMAL article. In play after

mounting is the touch around which rotation of an Engine is turning lightly, and touch carries out it to It is るなぁ~ as air full 吸.

We recommend you the direction which thinks will carry out as [ fitted with a motor ] a simple and convenient Tune.

[Webike Monitor] Although it was not able to be felt, since the
> boosting performance is dry type, it is very easy. Is the
Cost performance also excellent?
-- < -- he br(s) > buys it and it is satisfactory.

Turbo filters were also exchanged together with muffler exchange (^u^) Since maintenance is troublesome at a wet type, normal.
Maintenance will also become easy if it exchanges for a turbo filter (since it is dry type) (^-^) Although I think that Power to the extent that it can exchange and feel is not going up -- I think that the response is good (^笳?) The exchange can do a plus driver also in whom [ with one ] simply.
* Since V125 is an injection, its setting is unnecessary.
It becomes pleasant that the reaction of an axel becomes good and runs all over a town (*^_^*) Although simultaneous exchange with a muffler or a plug is recommendation -- Exchange of only a turbo filter is also OK simply and conveniently.

It purchases as substitution of the cleaning occasion original manufacturer's product of the air cleaner used to address V125G K7 model.
The exchange itself is a simple and convenient tune made in one plus driver.
And since the goods here are different in it being pure and do not have the necessity for maintenance at dry type, they are easy.
Although it is comment with which it equips, it is not worrisome, if it gets used to the extent that a suction noise becomes large somewhat.
Would power up be delicate?
It is a recommend.

Since the season of a motorcycle has come soon, maintenance is carried out.
An air element becomes the 2nd exchange this time.
The filter for repair of a kitaco is used last time.
As [ came out / after exchange / by feeling quantity rotation of a book / elongation ] --
It may be the flash bow effect.
Since the price is cheap, it is this evaluation.

It is a turbo filter ordinarily.
If there is a filter good for others, it will exchange, but it is satisfactory at this cheap now and easy-to-use.
Honestly or ineffective ! is not found, so that it can feel as in play.
Although it is .... not too bad, they are four stars in a low price!

Although AddressV125G was equipped for the first time, it is glad by the effect beyond expectation.
7 K became thin on the diet -- in addition, it actually came to feel the elongation of one more step in the inside high speed area.
There is change of the sound considered to be the suction noise ?, and it makes it the mind which runs.
This product is necessaries in an address.

Although it is by a below selection impression muffler, the torque up of an inside low speed can also feel the type which considers cost performance and is settled in the cover of normal!! Since appearance does not very change, the direction which is pleased with the form of normal is recommended by all means.

It does not change in the air cleaner time! Because, it places.
Since the maintenance nature of the pure wet type did not eat on a its mind, it decided on purchase (only wanted the sticker of the turbo filter with a sufficient parenthesis).
if it lets things go, it stops being BOROBBORO of SUKKASUKA since there are seemingly also things very, despise -- they are parts which are not.

It set with the NCY black urban muffler.
Matching with a muffler is also good and there are no jarring suction noise etc.
A rainy day is not worn, either but it runs satisfactorily.
Exchange can also be simplified.
It is a recommend.

air filter oil (wet type) is used -- as for an engine (a dustproof effect has uneasiness), idling is stabilized --
Since they are valuable in the meaning for which the superfluous concentration of a gasoline is prevented since those pure are in the feeling category cheap as tuning that starting is good, and they are merely F1 engines, the first cell is original. It is that there is no superfluous concentration.

In my case, it exchanged simultaneously with air cleaner processing, but probably because it is changing the muffler, it is thought that low-speed torque fell a little.
however, air cleaner processing -- conjointly -- or -- it was thought that the response became good.