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【GIVI】MONOLOCK Case E470 Series

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Although he bought africa twins, a general-purpose base is small compared with the size of a top case.
If it is a motorcycle of a big scooter with little vibration, or a 4-cylinder engine, it may be OK, but in a twin engine or a single engine, a top c

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Although he bought africa twins, a general-purpose base is small compared with the size of a top case.
If it is a motorcycle of a big scooter with little vibration, or a 4-cylinder engine, it may be OK, but in a twin engine or a single engine, a top case is likely to shake and break by vibration of idling.
Although I thought that there was little vibration during a run, having considered future, attachment was stopped.
It is unsuitable for the large motorcycle of vibration.


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Until now, I used E370, but I got it here in a certain Oakon station and exchanged it.
The difference in capacity is not as large as Large, but the Large is getting better in the horizontal direction.
You can now store it even with Large Bag. HelmetQuantity : 2pc. I can afford Set.
It's easy to use, so I will use it for a long time.

I am using it for Tandem.
good point
Because it becomes Backrest, reassuring feeling is born in Rear seat even in Tandem.
HelmetQuantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. Further rain gear also enters Large Kim is Large I am in transformation treasure.
Removal from Base is easy, you can switch to Small Case with One-touch.
A bad point
Key lock sometimes goes wrong. It is hard to cancel if you mistakenly lock the procedure.
Large yea I get backlash in the installation with Base and sound comes to be rattled.

Since it is fairly large, it enters anything!
If there is capacity this much, it stores considerably.Since the attachment and detachment from a Base can also be performed in an One-touch, if it arrives at a hotel, the whole Case may be removed and you may also carry, but if there is a Bag which can be stored, he will think that it is still more convenient, and the Bag suitable for this Case is looked for now.

When it attached to crf250l., he thought [size is quite easy to come], but it was right just to have considered the load with which it walks around.Although it is a load far heavier than allowable load, it can be used without breaking.

E470 is purchased for long-distance Tourings. A Jacket, a Rainsuit, etc. enter comfortably. When going into a hotel, it can remove and carry around. It is better for a rainy day to prepare a Vinyl etc., since water pours in a little.

34%, since it was discount, it purchased. It was satisfactory in
price, and more beautiful than the thing also supposing the White's coating quality. Carrying out only
, when the Objection of paint application in a description did not receive, it had a statement, but a part of paintwork had the remainder of air bubbles.

me -- loading nature -- it is bad -- if -- an unfavorable criticism -- although I am using it by high VTR1000F, if it is E470, the Tent for
two persons, a Grand sheet, a Schlafsack, a Low table, and a Cooker can be stored, and I am putting Helmet X2 and the Glove in the Camping. Although
honesty, E350, and these E470 were wavered, it was anxious about being too large and E350 had been ordered, the greater hides the less of the method of many seniors was remembered, and the Cancellation E470 was re-ordered hurriedly. a result -- Satoru Taisho -- it was -- !. It can use with
4 flower Trunk feeling, and town riding other than a Touring is also large activity.
I think that it is not larger than having thought that it operated, and the rearward visibility in a Mirror is also enough. it is better to take care so that
, however the pickpocket omission at the time of traffic congestion may not be applied to the Mirror of four flowers -- かもしれませ .

Since a Pitch with carriers does not suit, according to the Pitch of BOX, the drilling process was performed on the main part of carriers, and it has attached to it directly.

it is used for the Gamma of 88 -- natural with a Gamma --
without a Space
-- it is used from the flesh side there, carrying out b Bolt stop of the Rear seat.
> -- a certain meaning -- it is conspicuous and feels a look -- it is very much satisfied with the

goods themselves -- it cannot be parted with any longer (even if a Silhouette collapses)

It is large scale to the extent that two helmets of a full face enter perfectly.
Although the rigidity of the case itself for the product made of resin (?) is not strong, if tan DEMA does not do strongly even or and a thing which cuts more, a problem is not in use.
paint application is also uncanny although the thing of the white panel was purchased -- it is beautiful.
Moreover, Locke of the lid of a case is also very simple also for removal of the case itself.
Since I think that it is merely the heavier one for a mass case, depending on a motorcycle, a motion of the roll directions of a car body may have change.
Although I think that it is not independently a degree about which it cares --
Since the back E470 is broad, it may pass through and come out and may care for a while.
Although there was also a merit demerit, he judged synthetically, bought it and it was satisfactory.

A useful load is wonderful although a color is brighter.
Although it was almost comfortable and was satisfactory, when it ran not much at high speed, a little [ that blur occurs ] .., however two-seater could be performed comfortably, and since the useful load was also satisfactory, it was good to buy it.
Although it is high just for a moment ...

K1200RS is equipped.
Since manufacturer pure twist capacity was large, it chose.
Although krauser K5 was raised to candidate first in a roll at the beginning, it chose here in respect of the price.
A vehicle type is not chosen but wearing is possible.
A peculiar lock mechanism needs practice.
It is so thin that wall thickness is fluent compared with an original manufacturer's product and krauser K5.

the storage nature which removal can be done easily and will be the existence freedom of a box if safety is considered and the box in which a white is recommended (from a viewpoint of conspicuity) has even a key (stay remains in a rear carrier) -- rather -- good .
Up-and-down rainwear plus alpha goes into a full face.
The 35-l. back for mountains who stored a lot can also be stored.
He thinks that he is a remarkable storage area although it has ridden on djebel 250GPS.

It was too large in the beginning, although the kana ? was thought, when it used and saw, capacity becomes less insufficient, and since E55 of the monokey is used now, it came to look small.
It sold off to the second motorcycle and has attached to the pegaso of an aprilia.
In the mono-lock to which the general-purpose base is attached, since it is the maximum capacity, I think that those straying [ Is it too large? ] are, but in my case, since this was also insufficient, it considers that it is better to buy the larger one.

This color close to the color of GTR for 08 years.
A price and facility have no problem.

First case! It is very easy-to-use and cannot part with it any longer!!

Although attached to CB1300SB, there is only the mono-lock case maximum truly and it is preeminent for storage.
Although it is slightly too large for daily use or I also consider a basis, since a helmet to a jacket throws all in, and is empty-handed and it can take a walk, on touring, it cannot be parted with any longer.
I think that the color of this white is also beautiful and suits it also in CB1300 well.

They are a color of SilverWingGT, and the highest matching.
I have also satisfied capacity enough.

Although made in [ cheap ] Southeast Asia may be used, rigidity is low and degradation is also early.
Furthermore, GIVI is used, after being able to take during a run and having fallen.
Since it is silver with a bluish car body, silver is purchased.
Since it does not differ from a body color so much, it seems to be a dedicated case a first glance.
Above, the capacity of usual shopping is also easy enough.
It is empty-handed and OK.
A helmet is put in and even a jacket enters.
It is really convenient although I think that appearance worries [ some people ] him.
The stop lamp was attached this time also including back visibility.
Although necessity and wiring need processing (easy when there are a drill etc.) of a base, after it is better than being clashed from behind.
I consider a motorcycle as it is safer to be conspicuous.
One faults.
Some which I bought have quite a many crevices just before initial failure.
What has so far been bought was kept exactly.
Moreover, even if it pushes the button from which Locke is released, as caught in somewhere, by one shot, it does not open probably.
Since there are such things, after purchase should check a case immediately.

If it is a mono-lock case and is during touring although it is also in the loading method of a motorcycle variously, may also become a measure against a theft, and may be bewildered by the opening-and-closing method at the beginning which is pleased also with rain since a load is not damp, but.
When getting used, before being able to use satisfactorily, the type of 37L was used, but since the large type which it fills only with having put in the load for a while, and there is dissatisfaction, and purchased this product by the addition can also put in a helmet together besides a light load, it is useful.