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【KITACO】Power Drive Kit Type 3

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the start and the maximum high speed go up only by exchanging for normal and arranging by a weight roller! normal -- if -- although the speed was rather inelastic, it could go on a cruise by 55~60kmph by equipping with this.
However, it came to interf

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the start and the maximum high speed go up only by exchanging for normal and arranging by a weight roller! normal -- if -- although the speed was rather inelastic, it could go on a cruise by 55~60kmph by equipping with this.
However, it came to interfere in a crankcase suddenly one day, and has deleted the pulley, the lamp plate, and the drive face.
Especially a pulley and a lamp plate hear same fault.
Although the cause was not found well, since the engine performance had fallen, the same thing was replaced.


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This variator has best top speed character, acceleration not too good. With its wider surface can let streched belt still work fine and still can get high top speed. If its weight rolling surface designed with lower slope can be better for acceleration too. Generally this variator is the best that ever made, thanks to webike too.

Used for Honda DUNK.
Dunk Parts is still few, and at first I attached Mukawa's High Speed ??Pulley conforming to DUNK
Starting and accelerating was honestly honest just because I got a little bit of growth at the maximum speed without NORMAL and Large difference.
Because there is a change in the Exhaust System, slow speed is chilling, so WR is lightly set.
Later I installed High Speed ??Pulley for ZOOMER.
I am getting better and the maximum speed is 70 km / I got up to h place, but WR, Center spring etc, how to set 30 km / Rotation falls near h and does not accelerate to Smooth.
The face is on the verge and the angle is on the way from the middle of the Ramp Plate, where a valley is created for acceleration.
Make River's Ramp Plate was straight and accelerating was also straightforward, so I tried to use the Mampakawa's Ramp Plate, but the outer diameter is Small..
So, although it can be used for DUNK, the effect was written as slight, but since Ramp Plate is Straight and its outer diameter is larger than Mukawa Pulley, purchase it as a trial.
WR 5 g × 6 pieces and center spring 5% UP (Compared to ZOOMER Center spring) With Setting.
Since I was getting upset with acceleration and acceleration was not good, I put Slider in the center spring of LIVE DIO and tried it with WR 5 g × 6 pieces.
Beginning and accelerating also improved considerably 30 km / The valley of acceleration near h disappears and it accelerates to Smooth.
The maximum speed is 70 km / I think that it is near the h.
Therefore, OEM. 5 mm long 36. WR 4 g × 3 pieces in a 5 mm boss - Test run with 5 g × 3.
Even though I get better, the acceleration is slightly worse and the maximum speed is 58 km / It fell to h.
Just climb the slopes Guyugui.
Finally 4. 5 g × 3 - Setting completed with OEM boss to 5 g × 3 pieces.
It was pretty pleasant to start 0 and I felt that I was satisfied with acceleration and also the fastest speed.
I have tried 3 types of Pulley other than OEM so far, but this Pulley is the best.
To ignore the highest speed and climb up the slopes Guyguy 0. I put up a 5 mm Shim and I climb up considerably.
For DUNK riders it is Recommendation!

I was thinking to introduce High Speed ??Pulley for exchanging the driving system, but since the face was worn out and it was able to step up, I used it as a whole set here.

It was my first time to replace the original drive system, but I can understand the difference clearly by exchanging.
Also, because this one has all but Weight Roller, I think that it is a good deal.

I made a step in the OEM so I exchanged it.
Because it is not High Speed ??Pulley, I think that speed and initial speed etc. will not change.
It is okay, is not it good?.
I think COSPA is good.

【What made you decide the purchase?】 I referred it such as Review
【How was it actually used?】 It is getting better and better than NORMAL
【Mounting was difficult?】 It would be better to have special tools to remove Pulley
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] nothing special
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell me if there are any improvement points】 No particular
【Have you compared items?】 nothing special
[Others] Ideal for refreshing the drive system

I heard rumor, but Ramp Plate is sharp, so it got scratched soon.
When Weight Roller rolls about 3000 km in use, it seems that KATANA scratch of Shinichi is 1 pc each. It was beautiful..
I do not know if there is an influence on the maximum speed, but 65 km is good..
Since it is uneasy with a round Weight Roller, Dr. I made it to Pulley.

I replaced it because there was a step in the OEM's Pulley and Drive face.
Changes were seen at medium and high speeds as well as in other people's impressions. It takes time to arrive at the highest speed, but I think that 4 to 5 km has expanded. I think that it will change with Weight's setting.

[Webike Monitor] It exchanged for the
original manufacturer's product. A price is also cheap and the thing was also good. Attachment was also found enough with the attached description. It is it, if the original manufacturer's product has not been worn out since WR is not attached! Since it is up to persons, *(it changes into 5.5) WR exchanged since I was worn out is a Setting. The maximum high speed and acceleration were easy to change!

Since it had worn an authentic positive one out, it exchanges.
acceleration became loose. It is thought that the load to the
Engine decreased.

Since it was good touch when it was purchased and used for the yamahas JOG before, it was purchased and tried to use it for honda zoomers this time but, and probably because the engine itself was powerless, the not much good physical feeling was not made.
The acceleration feeling could also be weak at the touch which only rotation goes up, and most speedup could not be found.
Since fuel consumption only worsened, it returned to normal.

When opening in exchange of WR at 8000 km, the slider of the lamp plate had turned into wreckage.
An authentic positive one can be used and it substitutes right [ that ].
There is no level difference which can be sighted to a plate side.
So that the improvement in fuel consumption can take origin.
Speed cannot be overemphasized.

It is used with the zoomer (ruckus).
It can be feeling that also exchange weight rollers and acceleration and the maximum high speed differ from normal.
Since I think that only this much is dependent on setting, please opt for the setting which carried out the trial for many things and suited itself.
He seems to meet perfectly at 5.5 g of weight rollers, and 6.0 g.
The maximum high speed thinks that the same speed comes to come out by low rotation, and the burden on an engine is light from before.
Although it may become better according to setting, I would like to use it for a while in this state for the time being.
Since there is a possibility that it will become rickety if attachment of a pulley is loose although attachment is not difficult, either, a seal is damaged, or a screw may become foolish if it fastens too much, we recommend you use of a torque wrench.

It attached.
The cause of purchase was if excelled in cost performance with the magazine etc.
It accelerated briskly from the beginning and a little maximum high speed also went up! Since it was a one set set, it attached and was RAKU.

ชอบสินค้าแบรนkitacoมากเลยครับมีคุณภาพดีมากเลยครับรับลองครับใช้แล้วคุ้มค่าไม่ผิดหวังแน่นอนครับอย่ารอช้าคับรีบสั่งก่อนไม่มีให้สั่งนะคับของดีมีน้อย Like its rebranded kitaco lot of very good quality it was worth a try, then I am not disappointed Hurry, hurry, do not be the first to post a few of the well.(Google Translation)

i was running stock unit which was not performing well enough this setup with 6G rollers has fantastic acceleration and a massive improvement to top end speed (100kg rider in gear tops out at 80kph on flat roads with CDI upgrade)