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【RAYBRIG】Multi Reflector Head Lamp

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Blue was contained in the lens for a while, and it compared pure and became quite bright.
I am using it now, equipping with HID.
Optical axis adjustment can also be relieved.

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  • Ditulis pada: 2007-04-20 17:45:49
Blue was contained in the lens for a while, and it compared pure and became quite bright.
I am using it now, equipping with HID.
Optical axis adjustment can also be relieved.


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Since it was the same as CB400SF, it attached to CB1000SF.
It is [ Do blue? ] and appearance is also a beauty, and unlike the Chinese cheap article multi-reflector which it compares, learns from a thing, is [ Forge fire ] bright, and is commonly referred to as pure, a little lenses can carry out well setting out also of the optical axis, and are parts [ recommend / we / you ].
(Kana ? in which a few became in the style [ these days ] of a motorcycle now as for my CB)

Blue was contained in the lens for a while, and it compared pure and became quite bright.
I am using it now, equipping with HID.
Optical axis adjustment can also be relieved.

02 model CB400SF was equipped.
pure [ CB400SF is pure from the specifications III, and / since it was a multi-reflector, pure appropriation was also considered, but ] -- it was cheaper and he bought Wright of the blue lei brick of a lens.
about brightness, normal and brightness are practically equal -- it is -- although -- the irradiation range becomes fairly large.
However, it was different in it being pure, and a crevice's being made between a rim and Wright and a light body are sticking out of the rim a little.
Since it is perfect in the engine performance and appearance if it is removed, it is satisfactory.

Since normal was very hard to be seen, it changed.
It is as legible as a result and recommended.
Since it was a multi-reflector, appearance was also good, and since it was clearly seen, it was good to change.

The countenance of the motorcycle became modern.
Brightness becomes bright at a part and it without a lens cut.
If optical axis adjustment is not done perfectly, it is troublesome to an oncoming car, and it is peevish, and ww.

Compared with normal, it changes to modern touch and is large satisfaction.
Since the lens cover is PURA, compared with the glass of normal, some weight saving is also expectable.
It was thought that the color of a lens was thin rather than having seen with a photograph.

Attachment was very easy.
It only exchanges for a pure unit fundamentally.
however .
since it is a general-purpose article of HONDA and KAWASAKI, if it makes a mistake in attachment of a rim, a screw does not pass -- there may also be a mistake very.
In HONDA and KAWASAKI, let's keep in mind that a rim becomes an up-and-down contrary.
How I also attach HONDA to ZEPHYRchi has been carried out.
Although brightness was compared pure and UP was carried out markedly, since the boundary line of light clarified too much and there was also a dark place, four stars were used.

It purchased to VTR250.
It compared pure, and since there were few cuts of a lens, Wright became bright and also went up visibility.
Appearance is also very pleasing with the joke.
Although it is satisfactory at a five stars if it is only this ... Why, the number of the stop location of a bolt or the holes for being required for fixation did not suit or and the multi-reflector which I purchased, but it took pains over wearing for a while.
Although it was certain that it is the die which conforms to VTR250 when I got the mechanic's friend to see, it was said that it could not attach if some are not processed from the above-mentioned reason.
It vacates and equips with a hole partly with a drill after all.
He cannot yet understand whether they were inferior goods and what it was ..
I will make it evaluation called a three stars by Kami based on this evaluation.

For Wright of the vario 2, it is the multi-reflector which attached eyes too dangerously there to run darkly at night! Only by attaching an efficient bulb, in respect of reservation of a field of view, since it is almost meaningless.
It is decided that it will be this multi-reflector to like to illuminate the wide range by Wright, and if it is changed into a multi-reflector although the thing of ! pure positive-lens cut type was also only comparing the irradiation range with Bon Jari narrowly, the irradiation range will become large and will illuminate it distinctly.
HID -- if it has equipped -- a great -- it becomes [ (^^; ] things -- if it however sees from a transverse plane since the tip of an attached bulb is black, it is visible like eyeball O O JI (smile)

The headlight of a zephyr is dark and the touring of night also had uneasiness.
Then, change was considered to the multi-reflector and it arrived at this product.
a clear type and a blue type -- although it worried about which is used, it thought whether it would be safer to use the clear, and the clear was chosen.
Although it is attachment, a little, a description sees and I think that it can attach satisfactorily if there is 30 part as for an amateur although it is hot.
However, pains were taken to unite an optical axis.
Visibility also improves considerably markedly more brightly than standard Wright, and the touring of night also feels easy about this and can be run.

It compared pure and became somewhat bright, and I thought that it was as it became a beauty.
However, since brightness considered, it was.
Attachment is comparatively easy.
Since flexibility was given, it worried for a while.
It is the touch which fixes two places with a bolt using a pure rim.
A crack protrudes in front for a while from a pure rim at Tama.
Probably, it is good considering a price.
It may be more effective than attaching a high bulb to HETA.

I am using it for CB400SF.
It compares pure and the irradiation range spreads markedly.
It is legible certainly.
I think that sense of security will improve if it is used night, combining with HID.
The impression changed also in appearance and it is very much satisfied.

Although blue color was attached to the naked, it is [ that what was necessary was just to have used the clear and ] under regret (slightly showy to OSSAN).
Dissatisfaction does not have luminous intensity distribution, brightness, etc. in goods.
However, let's keep in mind that chatter sound will come out in a certain rotation region if it makes it halfway to insert in a hidden clip at the time of wearing.

Although * Wright's optimal efficient-izing for a dress-up up and 笙ェ price which becomes quite bright are higher, I think that pure Wright has broken or they are the optimal parts to make it bright!

It attached to hornet250.
Since flexibility was given, it worried about attachment for a while.
It is the touch which fixes two places with a bolt using a pure rim, and if there are a plus and a slotted screwdriver, it attaches and is good.
Although it is somewhat regrettable to protrude in front for a while from a pure rim, probably, they are goods good considering a price.
Since brightness considered, it was.

It attached to VTR250.
pure -- brightness is too different although it will come out in front more just for a moment.
Since it spreads broadly quite brightly, it is recommended also as user-friendliness also at the appearance the touring in night becomes easy to carry out!

The vario of omission will revive in modern style for 19 years.
Wright also becomes bright and changes his old impression till then, thanks to the reflector which blue cut.
Attachment is very easy!! It is preeminent for cost performance.

CB1000SF is equipped.
Although not indicated in a conformity vehicle type, it is attached by bolt on.
although it is exchange from CIBIE -- truly -- a multi-reflector -- too bright -- coming out -- the shin.
Although HID is not matched, this is enough for itself.
The thing seemingly plating is [ thing ] slightly Yasu is a difficulty...

Since it was the same as CB400SF, it attached to CB1000SF.
a lens -- a few -- blue -- it is, and unlike the cheap multi-reflector Chinese [ which is a beauty ] which is carried out, and it will be as bright as it compares and does not become a thing, and will be commonly referred to as pure if the light is made to switch on, appearance is also carrying out the well also of the optical axis, and is parts recommended to the highest.

It is used by the hornet 250.
Since first half type one was not a multi-reflector, they were exchanged.
I think that attachment will be the work where anyone can do it if a description is read.
After exchange can obtain brightness and the irradiation range become and expanded to the extent that a more than twice as many pure direct ratio as this can be thought.
Since he is not using the thing of attachment by an electric lamp, an attached electric lamp does not understand whether it is how much engine performance, but I think that it is not an electric lamp of a blank since it is a lei brick.
If you would like not to adhere to a lens cut and to obtain brightness simply, I think that a multi-reflector is quite effective.
In addition, since those who want to use cuttlefish ring specification have come out of PIAA, they recommend there.