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【POSH】Sprocket Cover with Clutch Piston Base

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It exchanged for sprocket maintenance.
Although the same goods are sold from TSR, every time it does not remove all there like pure products (it is dramatically troublesome since CB1300 needs to remove the hose of cooling water.), it is not maintainab

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  • Ditulis pada: 2007-04-13 18:30:32
It exchanged for sprocket maintenance.
Although the same goods are sold from TSR, every time it does not remove all there like pure products (it is dramatically troublesome since CB1300 needs to remove the hose of cooling water.), it is not maintainable, but this product can be removed selectively and is dramatically convenient for maintenance.
Since it becomes a race ish also for appearance also practical, we recommend you the direction which is on the motorcycle of the same type by all means.


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Hello, I am very content with the quality of the parts and the delivery time. All parts are very high-quality and can well be installed.

I changed my OEM's heavy looking appearance. It looks really sharp. I do not care much about dirt.
Wiring kind will be exposed so it may be better to protect with Col Gate etc..

Purchased for the purpose of improving convenience of ChainMaintenance.

Around FSprocket, removal becomes easy as expected and cleaning etc.. It became easier to do.
As I imagined seeing the product photo, Left's knee under the foot will become dirty.

Installation is not difficult but because there are many colors,
It may be a little troublesome when doing OH of Clutch release.

I think regret is the product and price Balance.

Although there is almost no functionality, I think that the appearance performance is good. I have been running only once since installation (800 K per night for 2 nights) Because durability is unknown, I think that it is not a consumable item, so I think Large is durable.

I bought it for the purpose of Dress-up of Race ish image. I think exchange is not too difficult.. In Shift operation, GEAR missing of 1 and 2 almost ceased. Wait for signal etc. When I wanted to enter Neutral in. In other words, it is said that the connection of GEAR got better.
I think that there is no problem if you get used to it. Sorry for the image not being understood!

Front driveSprocket After replacement, we installed for loose Check of Nut. NutWasher - WhiteMarking on the vertical line of Sprocket (It is not shown in the picture) It is for easy to do for daily inspection. It's safe first, because it's exchanged by yourself.
There is a Custom feeling, but if it is good as an inspection window - - -.

Since it had ridden on 2006 models, time was taken in desorption of a Radiator hose etc., and exchange of a Coolant, and it took 2 hours. Since the Sprocket cover which has not been opened until now became a Skeleton, the things (Grease of a Chain, etc.) which do not need to appear have adhered plentifully, and inside can be clearly seen to the extent that he would like to carry out by liking carrying out a car wash and it cannot bear. Although the Impression of the direction besides
is carried out, it is open to the extent that the oil scatter at the time of putting an Oil with a Maintenance of a Chain is worrisome. A Pants and shoes are also likely to become dirty.

Although 08 model CB1300SB was equipped, since attachment was also bolt-on wearing, it has attached in about 30 minutes easily.
It becomes the impression which also felt appearance refreshed compared with the normal sprocket cover after all, and fulfills the satisfaction of KASUTAMU.
Therefore, it is five-star [ without a complaint ].

- Although attachment was completed or it was anxious, it was able to do by itself.
O It is playing an active part also in - image UP.
O - chain oil contamination can be solved now.

Although the clutch hose was also simultaneously exchanged for the chain, three points pull out mutual merit and are considerably conspicuous.
A difficulty is only that oil disperses to other parts, after carrying out chain maintenance.

It purchased in order to relieve a dress-up up and chain maintenance of the circumference of the engine of 05-year type SB.
Wearing once removed a cooling water hose/clutch release according to the description.
Since there was nothing obstructive, attachment was completed in the smooth and it finished in about 1 hour.
It is surprised for chain grease dirty beyond anticipation to have adhered to when a pure cover is removed! After wearing, it is as follows.
(1), so that cleaning of the front sprocket naturally also regarded (2) automobile inspections which became easy as satisfactory also just behind pass (3) chain grease up spilling in few (4) service areas,
As functional dress-up parts stared by the owner of the same vehicle type, it is ICHI aggressiveness! Since it is changing into the gold chain now, appearance has further risen.

When devising too, attachment has been attached without removing a cooling water hose.
Appearance is the highest.

It purchased to the dress-up of the circumference of a sprocket up.
Although it had written on the description when the hose of the coolant had to be removed in 03 and afterwards, although he was a 03-year type, when removing clutch release, it was able to attach satisfactorily.
But it is troublesome although it is not difficult.
I think that the guard itself may be large-patterned and it may be conspicuous as itself compared with the other company's thing as dress-up parts.
It is a recommend!

Prodotto rifinito di alta qualità ottimo materiale e preciso nelle quote. Facile il montaggio e funzionale nel suo impiego. Finished product of high quality, excellent material and precise in the dimensions. Easy assembly and functional in its use. (Translated by google translation)