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【SP Takegawa: SP Takegawa】Fat Type Cable Adjuster

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Perfect cable adjuster

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  • Ditulis pada: 2018-11-05 06:53:31
This cable adjuster from Takegawa is very nice. I like that it's big and chunky. It looks great and it's flawlessly made with hi quality rock hard aluminium alloy, so it will stay perfect forever.


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Fat Type Cable Adjuster

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Pabrikan: SP Takegawa: SP Takegawa

gorgeous for the price. easy to adjust

A perfect fit for the W650 W800. It's very light and bigger than the OEM adjuster which is a generic steel. The OEM adjuster was very difficult to turn by hand, and often got stuck and I had to resort to using pliers. This new aluminum adjuster is so easy to turn and so far, it hasn't got stuck once. Installation is a bit difficult since you need to remove the clutch cable on both ends which is quite a hassle for a W800.