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【RAYBRIG】Multi Reflector Head Lamp

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笆?Motorcycle BALIUS2 (2002) Although he planned to have exchanged only bulbs, this product was seen in the shop and it fell in l...

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笆?Motorcycle BALIUS2 (2002) Although he planned to have exchanged only bulbs, this product was seen in the shop and it fell in love at first sight at the reason for [ZR250-B6] 笆?purchase beginning.
Since the blue type differed from its image for a while, the clear type was used.
笆?It attaches, and special knowledge and tool are unnecessary, and if it is as long as 30 minutes, they can be attached.
Only a plus driver (it OKs by an in-vehicle tool) is required.
Since the description is attached, beginners are also safe.
Although it is also in a description, at the time of work, the negative terminal of a battery is removed for safety.
笆?They are good point and up dress-up operative cinch.
- It becomes bright and operation at night is also safe.
- The efficient bulb is attached.
- There is cookbook and he is kind.
- Beginners are also easy to attach.
笆?point - which is not good -- don't be in particular.
笆?They are goods which combine the comment dress-up effect up and practicality.
It was very satisfactory although impulse buying had been carried out.
There is also no point which is not pleasing and evaluations are five stars.


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It attached to barius (A1).
Since it was pure from 06' model of II and having become a multi-reflector and the lens cut were old.
The dress-up effect up is large.
An impression changes clearly.
Moreover, more than it expected, the spread of the lateral irradiation range was large.
it is certain that a pedestrian and a bicycle appear easily -- it is .
Since attached efficient halogen does not feel brightness in color so much, it is considered whether to be good to exchange for other MONO.
Since it thought that the clear was brighter with whose blue having been a little higher, it was not blue and made it the clear.
We can recommend this rightly to you.
It is charm that there are also many vehicle types which can be attached.

If a bulb is used as it is, in KDX250SR, an engine failure will be carried out at the time of idling.
since -- since an authentic positive one was 30/30W, it changed it as the brightness of 60/60W by 35/35W of H4 type.
It is a cinch!

It attached to VTR250.
Since the headlight with a lens cut of normal which receives time cost Saki's impression in any way is not pleasing ... Although it is bolt-on parts, it is preeminent for the makeover effect.
Although he is trying to seldom run night, since it is a light distribution characteristic more legible than normal, a recommend can be carried out also in respect of safe.

It attached to the zephyr.
Although equipped with the pure bulb, when tried night, Wright thought that it became bright.
It often saw, and although he noticed, the range which length illuminates was narrow somewhat instead of light becoming the touch which spreads with JIWA horizontally.
From the road side, when Wright was seen, light thought the kana which becomes an avoid accident very dazzlingly.
Appearance thinks that the direction of the multi-reflector completely became smart.
Since this was a plastic mostly compared with the glass also with pure weight, it became a weight saving.

To the run of the road over a mountain pass, it attached and the friend's motorcycle carried out because it was dark in the field of view.
The result became bright rightly.
At night, it is a recommend at those who run a mountain path!
moreover, 4st naked of the first stage of the 90s -- if -- lens cut It becomes modern style and an image changes considerably.
(A thing without a photograph is regrettable) however there is a difficulty -- the time of an automobile inspection -- lei brick seemingly how to take an optical axis will be somewhat difficult -- government-operated auto inspection it is -- the time -- a reserve inspection field -- adjustment -- winning popularity -- even if -- beginning -- connoisseurs Since there was nothing, it was obliged to the re examination.
( It was caught in the inspection after two adjustments, it was made the 3rd thing gone and come back to an automobile inspection place and the store of preliminary inspection, and passed at last.) Although it is four stars since troubles were suffered by the automobile inspection just for a moment About the quantity of light, attachment, etc., it is satisfactory.,

The clear type was attached.
a part without a lens cut -- it became bright and became legible.
Moreover, appearance also became smart and it has satisfied it.
Since it is exchange the whole rim, it is easy and does not take time, either.
It is lighter than an original manufacturer's product.

He has no becoming smart by tic [ an appearance new model ], and a lamp also becoming bright, and saying.
if a fault is mentioned by force -- HID -- it becomes wanting ...

Since it was not Mull Chile Fechter, normal was giving oldness, but it approached the face of the latest motorcycle by Colet.
Although UP of the brightness was carried out a little, it needs processing for a suzuki vehicle a little.
The highest brightness was able to be got in combination with HID.

Correspondence vehicle type KAWASAKI : Since the quite dark thing was aware enough, Wright of his motorcycle purchased this Wright. [ ZEPHYR750 ]
More than it became very bright and the irradiation range of Wright considered above all compared with pure Wright, it was very good that it was wide range.
Appearance also became markedly good as an addition.
Attachment only folds the nail of a frame just for a moment, and it is also optical axis adjustment (as it being another whether an automobile inspection passes).
.) -- it is written intelligibly for a description and especially the problem suited.
It is very much satisfied.

In order to have attached to Bandit250, the components of a little processing and other vehicle types needed to be diverted.
although there was troublesome work, this [ a degree's of satisfaction ] is quite high -- it came out custom and carried out!! Although the somehow cloudy touch was holding the lens cut system, the multi-reflector is shining as the picture.
It became impossible to think a discontinued car very much.
it is cool! I think that the dress-up (smile) effect up in which its own car of my that gained this intrepid front view was able to join the present naked openly is very high -- this -- although it says [ that it is conviction ], it was surprised also in respect of the engine performance as a headlight.
The irradiation range is a wide clearly! This must be kind for it! Compared with a pure headlight unit, markedly lightweight one is also glad. [ who is wearing the helmet of smoked shield specification ]
Since it had been having a longing from before, there is no dissatisfied point anywhere.
truly worthy, since the motorcycle in which oldness is not given is aimed at -- it came out custom and carried out!

When considering, the first custom-made point of my zephyr 750 was this.
If it carries out from an old vehicle-oriented person, it may be a wrong way, but I am pleased.
It is not blue, and having dared to have chosen the clear lens does not break the atmosphere of normal, either, but it feels that good touch is fitted for it.
Although chosen only by appearance, it was also delightful miscalculation that the irradiation range became broad unexpectedly.
The brightness itself does not change that it is so pure.

CB1000SF was equipped.
It is bolt-on, without especially processing being required.
A countenance becomes a sharp and is very pleasing.
The run became easy in the increase also of Wright's brightness, and the night.

Wright -- it became bright? (*^_^*). Cool also of the appearance is carried out and it is a case of killing two birds with one stone!!

I have equipped W650-08.
If pure because of the retro motorcycle, it was equipped with the heavy glass lens of the crystal cut, but when the head lamp of RAYBRIG is introduced, it is dramatically light first.
Appearance is also very smart and sharpness appeared in the front mask.
Next, it is widely bright also in the irradiation range.
Since it is careless moderately so that the dead angle of lightness difference may not appear too much, either, and only a part common to a cheap lens and the cheap article HID is said that it is extremely bright and others are dark, it does not become precocious.
I thought that he was very good Wright since a black hole etc. do not occur in the irradiation range.
it begins to use, and although it is the 3rd year, a lens glow is not carried out, either and there is neither fault nor a leak -- it is still beautiful! Since a photograph cannot be uploaded, it becomes the contribution of an in play.

the zephyr chi final was attached and used! attachment -- being easy (it is one plus driver) -- it becomes bright and is large satisfaction!!! It is recommended ^^

It attached to 02 model honda VTR250.
By multi-reflector-ization, I feel at a stretch that it became a present-day machine (smile).
Brightness is also raised and HID is goods to come to turn.

"It was attached to HONDA CB400SF (NC31 1992 model). If you work as an attached instruction, it can be attached easily. Compared with the genuineheadlight of a lens cut, it became to illuminate a large area more brightly. In the genuine, the appearance looked old but it became a sharp, and the impression when seen from the front became a modern style. Since an efficient halogen bulb is also attached, I think that it is worth to buy."

It is attachment after a car also at a Motorcycle. If
quantity-of-light Up is top priority, it will be HID, but (it is these days LED?) it will be a Multi-reflector if a Cost is considered. If the
Valve is changed, the further quantity-of-light Up is also easy.
Is light distribution good the quantity of light not only going up but? It is felt brighter than a NORMAL. Since there are not necessarily many runs in the
night, it is made required and this is enough. Only by replacing a Lens without a Cut from the
NORMAL, the Image of a countenance changes very well. After
> (feeling so is .. although it will surely be only an Owner) is replacing a Plastic lens from a Glass lens. Has it also become a weight saving partly?
It can exchange easily and attachment is also possible firmly.

It seems that it can not be attached as it is with XJR 400 or R1 - ZOEMLight
Change to the headlight case of the adaptive model such as ZEPHYR
With Other Company ProductMulti-reflector, bend the inner Rim claw
I saw that Net can be installed if it is a Type fixing Lens
I bought it because I used cheap other company Product Multi-reflector
As a feeling of use, it is exhausted as one word of fluff stones
What was originally attached is brightness - How light spreads - It does not compare with ease of running etc
I should have bought it sooner