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【YAMAHA】YAK18 Square Key Holder

    • Penilaian:

Nice key holder that comes with not so nice rings

  • Pengulas: Tricity 155
  • Ditulis pada: 2017-09-03 12:52:47
It is a nice key holder to accompany a Yamaha key, well made and its size fits my needs. I chose this one because it comes with metal rings that are not too big, but they are too hard to pry open and put a key into it! I scratched my finger nail and the plastic rim of the key when trying to attach the key. At the end I had to look for rings about the same size at home and replaced the rings that come with the key holder, the ring in the photo was found at home and is softer and much easier to deal with. Other than that it is a decent accessory for a Yamaha rider.


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