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【NGK】Iridium Plug CR6HIX 2469

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There is no change to anyone ...

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I use it in REBEL. We expect to shorten warm-up time and improve fuel economy, install. From the conclusion, there is not any change!. Up to now we have gotten nearly 100 Motorcycle and Iridium plugs were put in most of them, but this is the first time that nothing changes. However, since it is Motorcycle running 50,000 kilometers at the time of introduction, I am expecting the performance improvement from now on!


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Although dissatisfaction in particular did not have engine startability, before the exchange once exchanged since it was called the change of the 6000-km run and the season although the iridium plugs was used also last time,
Since it deteriorates gradually that it is being KYURU -- by which time to turn a cell further after exchanging was shortened, it is incomprehensible, but.
if it exchanges for a new article -- too -- it can feel -- I thinking whether an effect can be felt also with a pure plug, if it is the plug which has deteriorated, but.
Since the iridium plugs is used from the time of purchase made into iridium each time since he likes iridium individually, change of fuel consumption is not known, but.
If it is this time even if town riding only and WR are carrying out full acceleration multiple use in the state of 13.5gx6, before running, like 32~36 km/l, are a mission vehicle of another vehicle type, but.
pure, -> pure to a trial -- new article -> iridium, although it exchanged about 50 km being a new article, -> that it was pure for every run,
Since change was felt though the feeling was sharp, and it was delicate too even if it was not from the plug which was liking and which deteriorated and having been exchanged for the new article -> new article although the direction of the iridium plugs was a delicate change, iridium since then. [ it is better to exchange an authentic positive ones 3 times rather than it which has been used regularly ]
It is although it may be considered. -- Since he has ridden and it is pleasant, it is w without a problem.

[Webike Monitor] Since it was running no less than 5000 km after exchanging last time [
> ], the badness of start-up nature was conspicuous.
When exchanging for this Plug, it is a start-up cinch! I think that the
Response also went up. (or [ placebo effect ])
I think that it is very good.

Since the Bore up was carried out, it exchanged.
KICK of one shot! Start-up nature became good. Since the
price is not so high, it is recommended.

The Idling of Saki who changes was very unstable, if it will stop at a signal, it was like [ which starts an engine failure ], but if it exchanges, it will be stabilized, considering sound, and he has a feeling which that also of an engine failure was lost and Power also went up a little.
Since it is lasting long, I would like to expect there.

a LITTLE -- since the CUB was coming to exchange time, it used. In small displacement volume and a single cylinder, it is different in 4 cylinders or 2 cylinders, and a certain grade can feel. Improvement in start-up nature, change at the time of a Rev limit, etc. At the time of exchange, it is right or wrong.

Although not expected so highly, the change after changing for the
Normal plug was found immediately.
acceleration felt it forcible and differences, such as early ignition
when an Axel is opened, have been transmitted immediately. since the Iridium of the
latest new MODEL is normal --
-- he continues buying an Iridium also from this.

Since the Idling at the time of chill was not stabilized, it exchanged from the standard Plug. It became good certainly and made. Although acceleration performance, fuel consumption, etc. cannot be felt ..

since it is what was performed in feeling although the effect in Plug exchange was seldom felt --
-- it is touch whether this is good well. When carrying out a Carburetor setting as
> notes, it is hard to see the desperation color of a Plug.

It has ridden on Honda-APE 50 and Type D. The Iridium of the same NGK used now [
It began to use and has felt the difference in the growth in a high rotation area immediately. although it lives in
Hokkaido and a winter season does not ride -- before the launch of this time and spring -- he bought exchange.
Since there is a track record used for two years, it is a choice hesitatingly. as having said at the beginning, although there was nothing that is
FI vehicle and for which it carries out and feels a misfire also by a Normal plug -- a high rotation area -- the growth from 8000 rotation regions specifically changes markedly.
It is dramatically strong to high rotation.
Although it equipped with the present Plug and was about 3000 km, when a Condition's not being known unless it removes, and the exchange in every two years probably never became overprotection, he bought them this time. A spring launch enjoys itself and comes out and

northern-countries residents are unavoidable one. The Parts of a core wants to use a good thing so that it can run in a

best Condition.

4 cylinders of Iridiums were adopted as all, and the difference was tried.
It lit, and as the Speed which an Engine puts into operation increased, when it
Considered, ran and took out, as the Torque went up from inside, near
touch was obtained. I think that
wearing of an Iridium may be done since there is also a Merit that can save the time and effort of cleaning and a life becomes
length since it is the

A physical feeling is not made although it is the Iridium to which it is appealed for the improvement in fuel consumption, start-up nature, Torque up, etc. I think that it will be a worthy Plug if the long period is seen.

The APE 50 was equipped.
> -- although exchanged for the old Normal plug, engine charge became good and was having sound with a clap during the run by the
Normal plug at the time of Axel OFF --
-- it was lost mostly.

It was the article which he bought and was able to be regarded as good.

This product is not necessarily by no means bad. If it is per CUB, it will be exchanged in tens of seconds. Since the Plug position of an ADDRESS V50 was located very much from the exterior in back one, even if it used the tool, it attached and was serious. Since I think that the engine performance is satisfactory, I would like to use expecting.

The Plug of the new car of ADDRESS-V125 S (L0) was exchanged for Iridium CR6HIX.
There is no engine performance which can be felt probably because of exchange with a new car Plug. In exchange of the Plug which deteriorated, to put it plainly, even if normal, it may be able to feel. Although there were a V Plug and a VX Plug which uses a Platinum a long time ago [
], I think that that one was effective. The Iridium of
company has the circumstances used by the present and seven owned Motorcycle in the past.
Reason to exchange. It is because it exchanges and the Plus thinks many [ Plus ] from the Minus. since -- purchase and wearing of are done.

CRF50 is equipped. The comment on which he rode thought that the luck of the Axel became good. It seems that the
child also had the same comment. It is only exchange of the
Plug, and since it can feel that it is unexpected, it is recommended.

It purchases to SUZUKI AddressV125S (L0). It purchased in the gratitude which is a guide peg usually [
]. Although

start-up nature was not bad with an ordinary Plug, either, the Iridium was used and start-up nature became good at the upheaval (smile) emergency. Although

acceleration and a Tp are not so changeful, I feel that it became a little good for the growth at the time of re-acceleration. It was extended although fuel consumption was also some. In the direction which start-up nature and fuel consumption worry, it is a Recommendation.

Some Iridium plugses become good touch too. Since its
> own car is an old Motorcycle, as for a Chemical or Plugs, a tune becomes good [ the direction of the thing which may be expensive ].

Attachment was also easy.The backfire at the time of a Gear changing was lost.I feel that it became a Smooth somehow also for engine rotation.

It is cheap too.After changing to this Plug since it is comparatively high-priced and was hard to feel an effect visibly although he wanted to also attach that of a Denso however, fog was lost and start up became quite good.

I did not expect Large.
I feel I got better acceleration and lighter running.
To the last, I feel Level.
It's not at least bad.