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【TSR】Air Intake Funnel

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It exchanged with full-power-izing! Appearance is beautiful! Although it is not visible from outside --
It is self-satisfied...

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It exchanged with full-power-izing! Appearance is beautiful! Although it is not visible from outside --
It is self-satisfied! Since it was expensive too, this evaluation was used!


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This is a test.

The necessaries of full-power-izing!

My CBs are an advanced rotor and a slip-on muffler. The rest is the luck of the axel having been awkward when running at full power specification and a low speed, but attaching an INTEKU funnel this time. Between the GIKUSHAKU was eased very much.
I think that this product will be recommended very well if you also convert although he probably thinks privately that it will be a phenomenon peculiar to an injection.
I merely think that it is slightly [ in price ] high.

Full-power-izing and the vehicles muffler exchanged were equipped.
Honestly, a feeling of up of change of a suction noise or Power calls it this, and does not feel change.
However, I think that it is effective since effectiveness will be good obviously if compared with the air inlet of normal.
Only by not feeling, the intake-air device normal was [ the device ] confused to probably it being probably certainly effective was removed, and it could do shapely, and since the design was also regarded as beautiful, *4 was used.

CB1300 has torque too much, rode, and when it was pungently awkward and was troubled, it purchased it immediately, seeing in play.
A good point is as having written you.
However, a description is unclear!
good -- I think that what is necessary is just to use a kinder instruction manual since a price is carried out.
The goods themselves are quite recommends although it is (w poor at an explanatory note chapter).

Also in others, torque with DONTSUKI or a weight becomes a smooth extremely after exchange as is written.
Although we had expected it does not change so much since the funnel of this TSR was put in after carrying out intake-air device withdrawal by full power, is it completely different ...
These parts are quite recommended, when having full-power-ized and you would like to make torque into a mild.
However, to be sure, a manual is incomprehensible (^^;

Since it seems to be expensive considering the thing, it was wavering buying it in it, but it purchases drastically.
... Although a feeling of GIKUSHAKU in low rotation was not necessarily lost at all, it was lost mostly.
An axel feeling is also quite good.
Attachment is also easy and a description is also intelligible.
In the direction which worries about the feeling of GIKUSHAKU after full power, this product is very recommended.

Although purchase was puzzled at first, it referred to a buyer's impression and decided purchase.
Although which effect does not understand how it is for simultaneous purchase & attachment with an advanced rotor, quite acceleration is carried out as soon as a throttle response likes Blow to high rotation.
It seems that an exhaust sound (quantity) becomes somewhat large and a little (tens rotations) idling also became high although it did not understand externally what changed.
They are goods recommended in the direction made into full power (--笙ェ).

The vehicles full-power-ized by export specification air funnel + slip-on + wiring processing were equipped with the spark advance rotor.
Mild CB changes suddenly, and it changes to a powerful engine, and is considerably pleasing.
It is super-recommendation if it restricts to the direction which asks for powerful Power and throttle response.
Cost effectiveness is terrible!! Surprise.

With Full-power-izing, it exchanged from the pure Parts. It fixed to the Body of the
Gold alumite with the Anodized Bolt (option) of the Blue.
Although it is a portion which does not look almost, the satisfaction which cannot say the beautiful color which is in sight when a Side cover is removed not at all is given.

"Since the used car I bought was in the full power and I wanted to remove a big genuine air cleaner cover, I purchased. The attached vehicle is SF 03 model and a funnel for export, ending with earls gear titanium full exhaust wearing, and ECU wiring processed. The description containing a photograph is attached and it seems to be managed enough by an in-vehicle tool. Although there are two ways that it can be returned to normal easily and the method of all removing the brand-name parts which become unnecessary in attachment, I wanted to save a weight for reservation of space, and I all removed the brand-name parts which become unnecessary. Desorption of the tail cowl became easy by removing the vacuum chamber which was in the product and a tail cowl. The space that the ballast of HID and a relay near the battery has been secured by the lid of the air cleaner in the right side cowl, the rubber hose, and the bulb having been lost. For me, it is quietly gladt to have this space. As for the impression to ride, the suction noise not only became large, but I thought that it upgraded all over the districts from the bottom to up. Especially the high rotation area was well understood that the lid of the air cleaner of normal was interfering with intake air. If it changes so far since it was exchange from the processed goods which extracted the pipe of the rubber from the lid of the normal which often exists, while I think that I should have attached earlier, I think genuine processed goods is better for a rainy day. However, I do not ride in a rainy day, I don't care."

Although the suction noise not only became large, but I thought above that it upgraded all over the districts from the bottom, the fuel tone became somewhat thin. It is tolerance level. I rectified by F.CON. A pleasant sound especially in a high rotation region can be heard. If one may be allowed to wish so much, I want the shape of a funnel and if duct processed side cover is in a set, I think that it is still better.

[Webike Monitor] Although it wavered [
Full-power-ization is performed before half a year, and it will unite, and equip with a TSR Funnel? ], since it was expensive, it was wavering. Carrying out only
, since it was quite [ in play / of Webike ] high evaluation, he bought it drastically this time!
Although it is the attached comment, The accelerating feeling when the Throttle was opened at a stretch from medium speed became pleasant!! Kanji of having become somewhat violent in the good meaning although it was Gentle CB!? Kanji also with a quite sufficient suction noise!!, about
> wearing, it is not so difficult. the Chamber of standard wearing can also be removed -- the desorption nearby of a Cowl -- it becomes easy! if it works as an attached description, there is not any problem -- ~*

This product worried from beforehand was attached. Although early outlook was good, it carried out dubiously. Early outlook was still believed and attached. But it is high. The thing which needs a Gold alumite -- the comment with which it equipped -- the growth from about 4000 rpm -- yes -- coming out -- the shin. Sound volume is also the touch which became bold. It is very much satisfied.

Beautifully made, exactly what I was looking for my CB1300S, I recommend both this product and Webike to fellow Australians.

With Full-power-izing, it equips with the product.The suction noise which became large uses the mind.A Throttle response becomes a Mild a little and rides easily.Since it becomes easy to come by an odd accelerator opening out of sound with a clap although secondary intake air is merely restricted, but it does not necessarily come out frequently, it is tolerance.
It is although it is good to become a little cheaper ...

It equips with Full-power-izing of SC54.Alumite treatment is brewing the high grade feeling.although wearing is only performed as an instruction manual, when equipped with the direction which is not so detailed to a Machine in person, the place of the secondary intake-air processing near a No. 3 Cylinder can be looked for -- I thought ?.Since it is easy processing to the extent that most removes except it, it is [ whether it is better to have done one's best and to equip Mr. Schopp by oneself, and ] a place where judgment is difficult. [ the thing it is better to leave, and ]Although a suction noise becomes large and the forge fire of the
effect is made into "the mind", VANVAN ! return sound comes to occur at the time of Axel OFF, and it is well ? at the peak where ON-OFF of an Axel is busy.Is it based on the combination of the
model or a Muffler?

We made the device by saying that it is the second generation of Full Power.
The actual effect ... I think that the suction noise changes and the suction is increasing.
But, I did not know the effect too much (Lol)

Make a standard full power,
Exhaust System I think that it is the final parts of those who are exchanging.

Simultaneously wearing TSR 's Spark Advance Rotor,
I think that you can feel the effect of price.

I think that you can blow pleasantly against Axel.
I did not feel inspiration sound.

As a feeling, Torque got a little thicker.