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【amon】Air Gauge (Pencil)

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The configuration of this product checks air pressure with the die length which made a thing like the ruler which is in a pipe u...

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  • Ditulis pada: 2010-03-01 16:31:16
The configuration of this product checks air pressure with the die length which made a thing like the ruler which is in a pipe using the vigor with which an air comes out jump out, and jumped out.
When embezzled, a thing like inner ruler became dirty and they stopped showing an exact value, although the first several times showed the almost exact value.
When it was putting in the in-vehicle tool at business when checking on the way, but it used for the last direction, it was a display called 230kPa for having actually entered 250 kPa.


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It is convenient for a form being a pen type and carrying.
In addition, I think that it is easy to carry out to touring since it is small and light.
It has turned to the entry aslant and it is carrying out form which is inserted in Mus and is easy to carry out.
When it inserted, it worried about the omission of exhaust air, but it is satisfactory at all.
reading of pressure -- pressure -- the scale gauge uses according to the level, jumping out, and it is an interesting thing.
it is the point which it maintains as it is and has come out even if it separated the scale gauge from Mus, and can be checked slowly later -- I think that it is high.
Although measurement was twice performed to the trial, the same value is likely to be shown and it is trusted that there is nothing with a rose.
being worrisome -- waterproofness and 螳?value -- a reason -- -- others -- the difference in a value with an air gauge is grade about how much it is.

It is small and structure is also a simple.
And it is cheap.
Since Bar with a scale runs out of an end lightly, it is lovely.
A thing to always carry for touring.
They are necessaries when carrying out air pressure adjustment by off-road one etc.
He buys it and there is no loss.

Carrying is convenient.
If you can always see air pressure, it is variously convenient.
It is not necessary to care about the place put in since it goes into an in-vehicle tool bag together.
Usage is also easy and legible.

Whatever it may say first, it is good not to be bulky!! And it is interesting very that contents jump out.
Or [ that this is good if not scrupulous since the price is cheaper than other air gauges ].

Since it was very cheap, it purchased.
However, a pencil type is a stake at honest usage.
I think that a thing with a pipe should be purchased if it can do since the disk rotor is obstructive.

It is a size like the ball-point pen of eye Futoshi just for a moment.
Also in a toolbox, it does not become obstructive, air pressure can be easily measured also at the time of touring, and it is found useful.
It can take out immediately and convenient, if it puts into the way of the corner of a side bag and a tank back at the time of using a high speed, and a road over a mountain pass something.
Since the almost same value as the inflator of a stand is pointed out, I think generally that it is exact.
He buys one more and I think the kana with which I will also load a car.

Since the portability is more important for the air gauge of the pencil type of this hand bought for the puncture repair kits of NB than accuracy,
Since the puncture inhibitor which is the touch which may be exactly settled in the bag of the kit will damage a rubber if it is carried out [ put / into a tire / continue ], it is made required as an object for emergency, and thinks or enough.

Since it is a size about [ slightly shorter ] a ball-point pen, it is carrying to the tool case.
If a hang is held, it comes to be able to do comfortably, although it is hard to put in power at the time of a check for the form (if it uses in the way which grasps a pencil, it can use well).
If a gauge is not pushed in whenever it measures since it is a configuration where a gauge jumps out of an aft end, it breaks carelessly, and since that is right, cautions are required.
Since there is no function extracted when putting in exhaust air too much, when adjustment is required, other air gauges are used, but if this product is also shifted and pressed, since exhaust air falls out, it is made into that appearance recently.

Since the air leak was worrisome from * or before which air pressure will be able to check easily always anywhere, it purchases.
It is light, since it is small, it is convenient to carry, and a price is also indispensable to * maintenance gentle to a wallet ^^

A price is also cheap and portability also thinks the goods as which an outclassing may be sufficient.
Since the accessory case of CB1100 is small, it does not take a place, either but is goods of exactly.

Although evaluation is a one star in 1000 yen, since this is 420 yen, it is a three stars.
an ultra -- probably it is light, and although there is also texture at a price, it is good for a part to put in the puncture repair kit.
When running to a stand, it is measuring perfectly there.

He bought it in order to drop air pressure, when going into a path through a wood.
Since it is small settled also under the sheet of SL230, it is found useful. I think whether the
price is also handy and good.

Whenever it is this much small, it can put into the Space under a Rear seat, etc.

In order to extract or put in exhaust air at the time of the Touring of an Off vehicle, I am always carrying together with a Pump. Although the exact air pressure meter was compared, I am displaying the quite exact numerical value. If it has one since the
price does not become obstructive at a low price, either, I will think that it is convenient.

If years pass although it can be trusted at the time of a new article, accuracy
Has uneasiness, but the accuracy to there is not needed at the time of an OFF run.

Please purchase a firm Gauge, if uneasy.

It is a time-tested product of a portable Air gauge. I think that especially the size and form that where can make bear are excellent although
> them is enclosing and carrying to the Puncture repair Kit.

Although it is a problem of such accuracy common portable, the error with the Air gauge which it has in the Garage Tools of a house is memorized, and if it refers to it and it is measured on the way, there is no problem.

Although actually remeasured repeatedly, in the case of, the errors of two Gauges are 0.1 scales. If even the
> error is grasped, we can also recommend this article which can respond also to a delicate air pressure Setting at a destination to Touring Rider who should just have even portability also to a dainty group.

At the Touring point, since the compactness of this Air gauge is said very much for bringing to the Touring which wants to also prepare air pressure firmly too although CO2 filling is good and it is about the same size as a Ball-point pen with Puncture repair and a Cylinders, it can bring to a Touring, without becoming obstructive at all.

Since things are small, I thought it was something when looking at the real thing, but it was good that it was easy to understand by using Compact.
It was a pretty good product without getting in the way even if it was put in a tool box.

I bought it for L-TypeValve because the price was cheap and the reputation at Impression was good, but I used something like hang but I can not do it well