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It was ideal.

  • Pengulas: Japan User(translated)
  • Ditulis pada: 2017-11-28 07:54:55
It is in use at YZF-R3.
When installed in the top Bridge, it fairly tilted forward a lot.
YZF-R3 / You can enjoy 25 with Sporty Position.
I also have a firm texture, as expected is like DogFire RACING
(for RaceParts so Instruction Manual None. )
(Drilling required)

Personally I am ideal and I am 100 points perfectly, but please pay attention to the town ride Main.

? Interference with Cowl
If you put it under the top Bridge, you can not turn the Handlebar to full. Throttle Cable and Lever interfere with Cowl and FBrake's Reserver tank interferes with Meter. In addition to high throttle addition, I restricted Handlebar turning angle with Handlebar Stopper, changed the whole BrakeUnit and responded. (If it is CircuitMain it's rather that much Position that we attacked is Large correct answer)

? Inner Weight None
There is no Inner Weight. The burden of the wrist is Large by Long touring as it is.

People who do not mind these, because they will take measures against Large Durable people, more R3 / Recommend this product to those who want to raise the Sports nature of 25.


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