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【SP Tadao】POWER BOX Slip-on Silencer

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If it is Slip-on Silencer !!

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If you are targeting Slip-on Silencer, you can recommend it.

a) Installability : Assembling itself is easy. However, it is necessary to raise the body so that Rear Suspension can fully expand. In order to secure Clearance so that the Swingarm and the Exhaust Chamber do not interfere with each other even if the Rear tire floats while running. In my case, I do not know whether it was due to Rose Trucking of individual vehicle, or that I changed the Rear suspension to OHLINS, but Clearance was Zero. This was solved by placing a 2 mm Spacer between the Engine and Silencer Bracket.
b) Sound quality : Immediately after the cold start, the fuel is increasing, so it feels like a big feeling, but it gets calm when warmed up. It is feeling that Limit's line is wearing it to respond to vehicle inspection. Throttle When running at a constant, it is difficult to express, but there is comfort due to a unique frequency different from NORMAL. So, if you twist Throttle it is good sound like Kahn but after Fire is somewhat concerned.
c) Mobility : In my case I am seeking ease of handling at medium and low speed. Repeated start and stop at intersection in town, rotation stability in Tight Curve like UTurn, Hairpin on mountain path. Based on NORMAL, EngineStall resistance and low-speed rotation stability are improved, making it easier to get on. To put it a little more concretely, it does not need nervous Clutch operation and Accelerator operation,.
d) Durability : It runs about 7000 Km but there is no deterioration of sound. The appearance is also hardened by Titanium hardness and has no polish scratches and keeps radiance that is not different from that at the time of a new article.
e) Style : Bounced Small Silencer is Thailand Rish.. The shape of Tail end depicting beautiful R, crafty welding with BlueIng. Material : Compared to Stainless Steel 1. Although it is a price to multiply by 5, it is worth the price if durability and comprehensive quality are combined.

As mentioned above, although it is a very good Silencer, due to the high quality of this Silencer Single item, the difference from the poor quality of Normal exhaust pipe stands out as a whole for the Exhaust cis system. As I traveled a distance I was concerned about discoloration, corrosion and weight of NORMAL's Exhaust pipe - - - After suffering troubles and troubles, eventually I replaced it with Titanium's Full Exhaust System of company B. We will report that Impression separately.

Custom has TRY & error attached, but if possible we want to make it the best state, not one but one. If it's a choice among Slip-on Silencers, I think this is the best.


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