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【IRON-ROCK】Brake Lever Lock

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Since the disk lock attached to the rear wheel was damaged, it opted for purchase.
It is very good although it is comment to...

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  • Ditulis pada: 2007-04-13 18:29:57
Since the disk lock attached to the rear wheel was damaged, it opted for purchase.
It is very good although it is comment to be used.
It turns out by the public notice that it has equipped, and does not make it damage (smile).
I think that a price is also handy, and it is not troubled by a space at all since a size is also a size included in a pocket.
This product is purchased and it is thought that it was really good.
I would like to carry out a recommend very much.


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As it is in other reports, it is easy to carry, visibility is also good, and a price is also handy.
I think that it is good to use together with other Locke.

Although used for the off vehicle (RMX250S, CRF250X), they are very much good goods.
As a hope, since an off vehicle does not have an accessory case etc., it will put into a pocket etc., but if light to a slight degree, I will think good kana.

He is Locke who changes into the state where attached to the grip and the brake lever and it always applied brakes.
Since a size is also only a palm, it is the loading OK also to its motorcycle! It is this and peace of mind also while traveling. [ with few accommodation spaces ]
It does not fail to demount, in order to go into a field of view at a glance as the greatest strong point.
Moreover, it is useful also for visual theft prevention.
A difficulty is one.
Since he has attached the grippy to the brake lever, width becomes thick and he is slightly difficult to attach.
Should be just generous to a slight degree? I think NAA.

It uses also in the case of parking also at the time of maintenance.
although it will be locking-shaped [ of 1 ] now at the measure against a theft -- human being -- if you think that he is not only as bad a fellow as it, either, this Locke is convenient to carry very in a user friendly manner.
It is very much good touch so that an action when locking may pull a trigger, but since marks will remain and it will not disappear in the same week if it hangs on the handle grip also for one week, the becoming measure which is protected on a tape is required.
Independently, although it has a chain lock, it has not yet used once.
He will go out without preparation by Kuruma, if time is taken for the preparation which rides on a motorcycle.
A bicycle -> motorcycle -> I think that it was motorcycles a car and that it can ride easily [ it is quick and ].
An old person's opinion.

It can use easily and there is also portability, and it can be cheap and can gain sense of security.
I think whether to be the highest in cost performance, since the present time and two or more measures against a theft are required.

Portability is also good in the size included in a pocket.
Since it acts as Locke where a fear of forgetting release like a disk lock dropped off and sushi and brakes are applied, parking of a slope is also safe.
It is recommendation very much.

They are very satisfying goods about a size, a function, portability, and which.
If a crime prevention side is also a little town riding stop, it thinks that just this is enough.

A size is recommended small.
It is good to be able to use freely.

Since it cannot depart from the best place of this product that is good touch since it is compact, it easy to use it and it easy to store unlike a disk lock, stuck absolutely, no suicidal explosion is just going to be.
After suicidal explosion is painful ...

Since it was cheap, it purchased, but since it took time and effort to have not suited a motorcycle somehow and to equip, it stopped using after a while.
Possibly the grip of a motorcycle, the size of the brake lever, etc. should have been investigated in advance.

It is used abundantly to parking of little short time, such as convenience, etc.
A size also goes also into a pocket by palm size.
However, it is somewhat heavy.
Since paint application whose brake lever is black is carried out as comment when it attaches, he is worried whether paint application comes off.
Merit that's right direction it avoided prolonged use as written also on the description since it seems to be bad also with the brake when it had attached for a long time, since it was not attached unless it grasped the lever considerably.
Since a color is silver, it is conspicuous also from the surroundings, and I think that there is quite a many effective crime prevention.

It is carrying around it to go anywhere.
Since it is small, it OKs also to a waist bag! It is convenient.

it is it satisfactory whether it can use rapidly freely at purchase and its point -- mono-.
former KUSO -- dramatically convenient, if it considers having made the bag bear a heavy wire lock.
I think that there are quite a many situations which play an active part when leaving a motorcycle for a short time.
Cost performance quantity is carried out and it is 縲?

If there is a parking area, it has stopped there recently, but this and a disk lock are used in the place which is not.
A kind thing is not suited at a theft for Kon.
Since it sets as an unexpected use where F brake is pulled, when a motorcycle is stood in a maintenance stand and it being able to use instead of the ring stop of a front wheel and Locke are canceled, a touch makes it a snap whether for there to be any same effect as air-bleeding of a brake.
It seems that there is no adverse effect in a master for the moment.

Only by the disk lock, it was uneasy and purchased for combined use.
I think that attachment is easy, and it can equip with it if even its thickness of a grip suits.
Although it has ridden on the hornet, the compactness made with a disk lock under a narrow sheet is kind.
Since it is a handy price, I would like to carry out a recommend to the direction which is looking for the lock compact in addition to a disk lock.

I have ridden on the present grasstracker.
In one chain lock, since it was uneasy, it was found with whether there is any anything in the place which was being looked for.
It is found useful when leaving a few, since it is small and attachment is also easy! Although it becomes empty without understanding whether it is only GURATORA, he does not get hooked, unless it grasps a brake with all its might at the time of Locke.
It is not like [ which suffers troubles well ], either, and since it will not become mind, either, if it gets used, he has no problem!

It uses by the ninja 250.
It is not bad.
It uses, when [, such as a meal, ] separating from a motorcycle somewhat long.
Since he notices even when I am disagreeable, if a hand is applied to a handle, there are likely to be no worries about a failure to remove.
Although it is easy to attach to be sure, when removing, it is always delayed.
It may be canceled if it gets used.
I think that the motorcycle with few useful loads has been turned to since it is small and convenient to carry.

He bought a brake lever lock with whether it may start locked and it being called ?.
a main part is strong at iron -- I think that that's right, it carries out and the mechanism is devised.
It is regrettable [ one ] that it was not able to use when the gap of a brake lever and the size of a key did not suit but it tries to have used while traveling if compelled.
Although the thing was good, evaluation was made into two star also for itself.
Since the photograph containing major is carried, please consider purchase in consideration of the size of the circumference of the brake lever of your own motorcycle.
Does it take out to an auction?

Although it has the theft prevention article with the Godzilla chain and the disk lock, this brake lever lock is the most lighthearted and the effect is feeling that it is high for it.
Whatever it may say, it is conspicuous, and it attaches, and since removing is also easy, it is found useful to stop just for a moment and place at convenience etc.
Incidentally a motorcycle is the ape 100, and the brake lever portion can be satisfactorily used, although exchanged for the brake master cylinder made from TAKEGAWA, and the short lever.