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【CF POSH】Racing IG Coil

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The engine sound became thick when engine start was exchanged and carried out from the normal coil.
When run, combustion eff...

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  • Ditulis pada: 2007-04-20 17:48:48
The engine sound became thick when engine start was exchanged and carried out from the normal coil.
When run, combustion efficiency increased and it has felt carrying out torque UP.
It can blow without a stress to torque UP and high rotation, and an uphill maximum speed is also UP.
Good shopping was carried out.


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The engine sound became thick, when it exchanged for normal and engine start was carried out.
When run, it has felt carrying out torque UP.
It turns out that sparks become strong and are burning certainly.

Normal is touch that a jump of sparks is different.
It lit forcibly and the touch which employs Power efficiently has come out.
I think that he buys it and there is no loss although it is parts not appearing!

Although it exchanges and is not clear, I feel that it changed a little.
It cannot be a problem of a feeling..

Since it was a normal head and a sports camshaft, change of ignition timing was unnecessary, but he wanted to give the width of carburetor setting and this was chosen as strengthening of an ignition system.
It is still expected that I wish to arrange it seasonal variation and a weather condition by the present setting although an effect cannot be checked.

The ignition system custom-made 2nd phase, and XR100 motard following a power rev (kitaco) are equipped.
After gaining thing, it reflects on what was necessary having been just to have purchased with the PURABU cord.
A plug cord should combine a power cable (NGK) and should cling.
It was felt more than Power also considered, and the exhaust sound of the muffler changed.

It attached to APE100 and exchanged the plug cap and the cord (power cable) for the thing of NGK simultaneously.
When it was operating as usual, acceleration was well surprised from usual in the high rotation area.
Power UP is realizable.
Wearing is also easy, a tank is removed and one screw only removes a pure coil with + driver.
They are recommend goods which can realize Power UP only by carrying out bolt-on.

It attached to the monkey baja.
Attachment acts as a husband of the pure coil, and is the simplicity that it is only to attach a new coil.
Although it is an original manufacturer's product and some, a size is different and it is long, but Koto who equips the place to which the original manufacturer's product was attached as it is is possible.
honest after attachment, although it is the engine performance to worry -- it was not understood how it changed.
It is deplorable.
it is said that it attached -- there is that it is only self-satisfied.
Although especially electrical machinery system power up is so, I think that there is no change which is surprised.
However, I think that it is upgrading with each parts little by little since a power down will be felt for hesitation if all are returned to an original manufacturer's product at a stretch even if CDI, a coil plug plug cord, etc. are changed little by little and Power's change does not understand them then.
Although it may become self-satisfied, I think that Power is going up a few.
However, since it seems that there are affinity etc., please take care.

Although changed from the Chinese-made ignition coil, since it has become thin, the main jet No. 20 [ about ] will be enlarged in the carburetor setting to Kon.
Although the carburetor kit was VM26 (R stage 88cc+ advanced pro muffler) of Mukawa, it returned to the setting at the time of manufacturer shipment.
probably, sparks are strong -- serving -- ? ~ too -- domestic production -- most -- !.

It attached to KSR110 together with the cable of a taylor.
Since it did not go with bolt-on for the reason for hondas, stay was made on one's own.
Appearance becomes quite good although an effect is called kana ? which became forcible a little.
I think that it is good for those who want to strengthen an ignition system cheaply.

If it is a large carburetor since it is the spark strengthening items which were not understood well ineffective, does a difference set and is in it? Even if it attaches, there must be no loss.

XR100 motard is equipped simultaneously with the power cable of NGK.
The exhaust sound in empty revving up by a neutral changed from start up, the stability of idling, and idling by the kick of one shot! Therefore, it contributes also to improvement in the riding taste.
But ~ which has got used immediately.
It is a recommend!

It used together with the plug cord of NGK.
Although used for the monkey, if a tank is removed and attached, it can do comfortably.
He uses and has a feeling to which start up became good.

Although it was with the racing IG coil, change was not able to be felt for a run at all in the place changed into this.
I think that there is individual difference.
Since attachment was easy, it was good.
It is better to buy it with a feeling since the ignition coil broke, to the extent that it exchanges.
If the original manufacturer's product is moving normally, I think that a problem probably also has less that one rather than changing into an external article strangely.

[Webike Monitor] It exchanged together with the NGK power code this time [
> ]. Since the Tank had to be removed in
attachment, it was somewhat serious. < -- when it br(ed), > attached and ran, the growth in high rotation became good! he
> buys it -- it is valuable!!

It was used for a player's MONKEY for 15 years. Since the exchange with a

pure IG Coil is impossible if it does not remove a Tank, it is slightly time and effort, but considering the effect after exchange, probably, a great thing cannot be found. Although it is simultaneous exchange with

Plug Cable, one-shot start up and an Idling also have after exchange the stable Engine which did not wake up unless it kicked several shots until now. I think that it is the best for ますし which can choose the same Black as the
> original manufacturer's product, and those who want to maintain a Normal look since it sees rapidly also in form and a difference is hardly known.

Although the Plug and the Ignition coil were changed simultaneously, it became fine at

Since simultaneous exchange was carried out with the NGK Power cable, it does not understand a which benefit or both they are, but it is the touch which is compared as it is pure, and the Torque near 10,000 rotations UP(ed). It is also acceleration and ? exhaust sound a little? I feel that it became forcible. Is it right if it is called a difference? It is not a Level which can carry out an honest physical feeling. But there is satisfaction referred to as Having exchanged.

The redder one is that of POSH.Since appropriation of a code cannot be performed, and the whole code was exchanged, it does not understand whether it is the engine performance of a pure Coil, but he has a feeling which a Power from low rotation to which sparks became strong somewhat went up.Since it was strengthening of an electric system and consent could not expect a big effect from the first, it just said as expected.Since it was almost the same in
form being pure, troubles were seldom suffered but attachment was completed.

I purchased it for my NSR50.
I replaced it because the engine wasn't good. I'm not sure whether it was the OEM coil or cord that was causing it.
I replaced it together with the big bore so I'm not sure what it's like on it's own but now it's in great condition!
Because it's an old model, it's difficult to find out what's causing it once it gets in a bad condition.
In cases like that, it's best to replace the whole thing.