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【POSH】Big Bar End

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Since it is a vehicle type corresponding point article, attachment is easy.
The merit of the design is conspicuous.

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  • Ditulis pada: 2007-04-27 18:44:42
Since it is a vehicle type corresponding point article, attachment is easy.
The merit of the design is conspicuous.
Since it is the elegance which becomes a good accent, it is a recommend.


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It is made from the ponderous weight and vibration is reduced very well.
Since appearance is not bad, either, I think that it is good also for a dress-up up.
Since it only changes with an original manufacturer's product, there is also no time and effort and it is satisfactory.
If it can do, I will think that it was good with the screw lock agent being contained.

The bar end of the specifications 3 of CB400SF was exchanged.
Although it also had champagne gold, it purchased according to the blue of a body color.
Attachment is exchangeable with one driver of a plus.
Although blue seemed to be also a color which is those for other makers, and a little different also in POSH, deep blue becomes tight very much, and it is Good.
I exchange and think YOKATTA.

The weight of the vibration isolation is contained and there is weight.
It is exchangeable for the motorcycle of a honda with one driver.
The impact of appearance goes up by red and it is good touch.
It is high quality and posh accessories are highly complete.
It is recommended.

CB1300SB (2007 type) was equipped.
It is the big bar end only for a honda (gold).
An authentic positive one is a product made from a stainless of silver (?), and are that a thing fairly like rust will adhere if the motorcycle cover is hung, and the dress-up purpose up.
Since body color was red/white, he thought that he would make it red, but when gold was used, it suited that it was unexpected.
Blue something may also be good.
Since appearance also changes, a price is also handy, and isn't it good as a dress-up up which can be performed easily?

CB400SFV3 was equipped.
Although it may think that it is somewhat expensive, I think that the bar end with which a pure handle can be equipped is new.
A place with abundant variations in color is also glad.
Weight and the cover ? are separated types and this product is [ bolt ] attached.
To the extent that it is efficiently the same in it being pure since a weight is hardly different from pure bar end is said, or it is dress-up parts well, and is peevish, and w attachment is easy, and as a bolt is removed and changed by a plus driver! If a screw lock agent is incidentally used for an instruction manual, have written that it is good, but.
it is satisfactory even if it does not use -- w -- it is a recommend as easy dress-up parts! * -- having written here is an amateur's comment.
I ask of a reference grade.

The color matches CB white red and is pleasing.
Although pure twist weight was lacking, the vibration under run was not worried.

Since an authentic positive one is black, it is the touch which the little dress-up effect up may suit.
Attachment is easy, loosens a screw and only replaces it as it is pure.
Since it saw having dropped out for the information on a net while running, I have applied the screw lock agent.
It is a regrettable point that attached at the end, and a bolt's not being the same color and inner metal fittings are long, and are showing for a while.
It is ~, although it becomes empty since he thinks that it becomes dress-up parts by which the point should just be improved.

From the elegance whose attachment is possible for a Normal handle to selection Form and a color are satisfactory. Compared with the elegance purchased several years ago, the color was thin a little. Since the
fixing screw loosened and fell, it is re-purchase. To attachment, a Screw lock is indispensable.

The Bar end had fall marks, and since it was awkward, it exchanged.

It attached to CB400SF.
Vibration does not change compared with a pure Bar end. It is satisfactory although several weeks also pass attachment by Screw-lock use. The texture of
goods is also as expected and it has satisfied it.

It exchanged from the pure black Bar end.
Although it was a little change, touch changed very well. Its Screw is hard surprising, and although
exchange was serious, it is satisfactory.

Since the crack of a Bar end is worrisome, it purchases. Vibration in particular does not change, but its price is also cheap, and a color is also abundant in them, is attached simply, also changes appearance, and thinks that it is good.

It attached to CB 400SF! The color chose the Gold! The Gold of POSH felt it as the true yellowish Gold, and came out, and he liked it very and it made it into the Bar end of POSH! Although attachment was easy, a Rubber is caught and it was hard to put it into the hole. Since it was + Screw that is attached, he used the hexagon-head Screw! Since the product of
POSH changed since + Screw did not have so good appearance although I thought that it was satisfactory also with + Screw can be chosen according to the color whose car body it suited since the color was abundant, it is good!

Since the pure Bar end was stained with the crack, it purchased.In a town riding Main, it compared that it was pure and did not feel the change in particular in vibration.
Change of appearance and an effect became large rather than it, and the circumference of a Handle became gay.A price also thinks that it is handy and the Dress-up effect up is large.

It attached to two sets, CB400SF and CBR600RR.That's right [ since the Balancer (weight) is attached, it plays a role also in an oscillating measure, and ].Since a price is also handy, it is recommended.

The installation is very easy and completed in 10 minutes.
The appearance is very good.
A wide range of colors is provided and I spent a lot of time thinking which to choose; I finally took gold.
A weight which came with the bar end is protruding a bit because I installed the ends together with OEM weights. This has reduced much handle vibration, I think.
I don't know whether the way of installation is technically okay or not, but I personally think it is all right.

color - I am satisfied with the shape.

Installation is easy.

There is no particular sense of vibration.

Just like a photo, a gap can be made.
If it becomes a product that makes the gap a little conspicuous
I think that is still good.

Posh's Solid Bar End drops out.
I can not stand the numbness of the hand and exchange emergency.
Actually I wanted a White or Silver line
Although it was Black because it was not in stock of Shop,
Impression like the resin Parts.
Although it can be installed with an on-board tool,
I tried it with a firm Phillips Screwdriver if possible
You better.
(We have something to do with Shop
I was asked to tighten up)

OEM's Bar End feels like something & cheap and can produce a customization feeling! Left was able to replace anything but the OEMBar End of Right Side was too hard and amateur Phillips Screwdriver was on the verge of licking it so Honda DREAM request.. Design, I think it was also becoming lightweight? I was thankful that the model Exclusive Design.