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【PRO GRIP】Superbike Grip #724

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It attached to KSR-2 (lime green).
The color of a car body matches the thing and grip whose design was good, and it is visib...

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  • Ditulis pada: 2007-09-19 20:24:05
It attached to KSR-2 (lime green).
The color of a car body matches the thing and grip whose design was good, and it is visible as if it united completely and was made.
The grasped feel adapts itself to a hand in the softness carried out gently.
Although a size did not suit a little but it is sticking out a little, since it is hiding by bar end, it is not worrisome at all.
At KSR, the throttle side needed to be processed (the lug portion which has stopped the pure grip was cut off).


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Simultaneous exchange was carried out to the weight bar.
The pure twist of the grasped touch is also soft, and seemingly, vibration will also be reduced since it is vibration absorption gel structure ....
Since it is also dressed up, it is recommended.

Although what is necessary will be just to be able to exchange each time like the works which are worn out in the twinkling of an eye and which do not become useful if it uses for the hardly understood hard although there are probably some vibration absorption effects, there is no intention of buying it again.

(webike monitor) For the D tigers 125, he bought 120 mm in all for the pure grip.
Although grip exchange was the first, the clutch side has been exchanged without difficulty.
However, the axel side was not able to be taken unless it cut the pure grip by the cutter etc.
The grasped feel after exchange is good and it has satisfied it.
Appearance also changed and it felt refreshed.

It exchanged from the grip of normal.
Vibration in the junior-and-senior-high-schools rotation region which was normal until now and was afflicted was also lost with PITARI by exchanging for this.
Fatigue by long-distance riding was also reduced considerably.
choosing the thing suitable for self, since a pattern and a color can also do coordinates together with a car body -- good -- I consider.

He is smart.
It is satisfied.

Although I think that it may be said that the old grip was cracked, a gripping feeling when it grasps is the highest.
Since it is a penetration type, bar end is also attached.
There is touch that vibration is reduced from normal.
www which a hole opens to the place where the thumb by the side of an axel hits in about two months in my case although I think that durability changes considerably by frequency in use and an operating condition -- it was wearing out gradually, and touch was felt in about one month, and it was an instant.
I think whether for the amount of money to be also cheap, and to be a satisfactory level if rate OFF is used since it is consumable goods.

Although NSR-250SE was equipped, the grip inside diameter was a little tight, and it took pains over attachment.
A rubber is [ the flat portion of the axel side grip end contrary ] thin, and it is easy to open a hole.
But the grasped feel fits a psycho.

The fatigue by vibration is reduced very much.
A color is also skillful and attracts attention.
Durability is 1 now.
I think that a replacement cycle is quite short with thinking that he would like to maintain finely.
Probably, it is not a pure ratio.
It will be a five stars if more durable.

If it can ease since a hand came to be tired with about 100-K touring after exchanging for the separate handle was expected to the vibration absorption GEL, and this was chosen.
It was before exchange and after exchange, and when carried out to the touring of the almost same course and about the same distance, the number of times of a break became fewer certainly.
Although he may get tired, is it the impression of becoming difficult to get tired?
Considering a price, probably, the degree of an effect will be enough.
Since the simple thing is liking, a design is not asserted too much, and it is good touch.
It was good to have carried out the lineup also of black/the black if one may be allowed to wish so much.

Since the rubber is soft, you may absorb vibration and an impact.
Even if it rode distance considerably, the hand stopped becoming painful not much.
It is easy to unite a thing with abundant color with a motorcycle, and it may become a little accent.

It was the elegance which may be cheap.
Probably it was BEST when short 5 more mm, but it could use for DT50 satisfactorily and, as for the numbness of the hand, the pure twist became that there is nothing.
This is good.

The grasped touch gripping feeling is good, is soft, and adapts itself to a hand.
Although the vibration itself did not adopt the big way of decreasing about vibration, I think that the fatigue of the hand after touring was reduced clearly.
An accent also with a nonchalant design is good touch.

It compares pure and it is thought that the grip was soft and a fine vibration decreased.
The numbness of the hand in a long distance was reduced certainly.
Design nature is also good and pleasing.

No, ~ -- For itself, it is useless in it being this grip too! Touch although the pure grip carried out considerable wear, as if it stuck to the hand truly.
There is also thickness, it is easy to grasp certainly, is easy to control a pure twist, and it has become.
Since it is feeling by the past vehicle type also about the grip in case of rainy weather, they are uneasy zero.
And this appearance.
It is good to be able to choose many things according to a vehicle type.
A color is so and there may also be various designs.
In KSR110 which had ridden in the past, it equips with an ordinary pro grip first.
Then, although changed into the pro grip for off-road one, vibration of that of the pro grip for off-road one felt it few.
the part with much [ from the first ] vibration, and being designed such -- or -- Although there is no telling by chance -- this was also eased although the hand of TZR125 was incidentally palsied with high rotation.
If you would like to change a grip for the time being and the pro grip is used, I will think whether it is satisfactory.
It is earnest and a recommend.

It worried about whether what we do with the neighborhood and a grip for renewing the circumference of a handle.
Although not much showy one is also disagreeable, I slightly also want an accent.
This grip was perfect for the very hope.
When the glove was attached and having been test-ridden, an unpleasant vibration was suppressed, and although it equipped and was felt as slightly soft kana empty-handed, since the hand was numbed, it did not become precocious.
It will be recommended if there are some which are pleasing in a design or a color.

A feeling of a fit which sticks to a palm unexpectedly although a grip has a thin shape is O! Pro grip Although the grip bond was used and it pasted up,
Since it is hard, even when he has no adhesion, isn't it OK which is included in Bar? It seems that there is no it for the moment although a glove is fairly black and normal became it dirty To curve.
(It is also new?)

It has grasped, and a feeling is as good as pleasant! Even if it rides for a long time, it becomes difficult to get tired.

it is the Shintaro world of cb1300sb ^^ -- it is a photograph of the circumference of a 502/imgs/c/3/c3b061fe.jpg handle.
A normal grip is removed and taken by a cutter.
The right-hand side which is an axel slot since many bonds stick is wiped off by fats-and-oils stripping.
Since the bond has stuck considerably, left-hand side is stripped by a cutter etc.
in addition, the bond is marketed -- although that is right -- ~ -- I did without the bond, because it inserted.
although a normal flip is seemingly a larger path and a bond is required, it is much that, as for this grip, the path is made small, and a grip idles -- it is OK unless it works hard.
Although an impact is absorbed by a gel, compared with normal etc., the durability of goods is not good.
It seems that this grip is also worn out so that a good tire may wear out early.
Moreover, although grips were only exchanged, the atmosphere of ~ handle part changes and it is an instant delightful as motorcycle riding.
I published to the blog and mixi of out of the joy.
Now [ it unites with the color of a motorcycle and ]! Don't you attach, either?

Kawasaki It attached to the super sherpa.
Since it was black gray, it was seldom conspicuous in whether it exchanged, but since it rode for a long time, it thought whether it would be good for dirt etc., and made it black gray.
Although it is long to a super sherpa about 5 mm, it can attach with it satisfactorily.
Since it was hard to slide, it came to be also able to make operation of the axel fine.
It was good to exchange.