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  • Daftarkan Motor Saya
  • Brand: AELLA

AELLA : Sistem Kendali

    I exchanged with Brake side at the same time.

    Although it was an effect, thanks to Bearing, the operation feeling became Smooth and it is worth replacing.

    Adjustment width is also easy to adjust to Large and favorite position.

    Foldable is too expensive - - - I thought it was wearing, but it was worth it.

    Thanks to Bearing, it became clear that Fee Ring became Smooth, making it easier to adjust the power adjustment. It was my first time surprising that this has changed so much with Lever.
    Good ones are good.

    I have not confirmed the effect of Foldable yet, but the adjustment width is also large and it is worth replacing.

    For oneself, the BONNEVILLE was large in it being unexpected, and especially the Handle was felt far. [ with a height of 167 cm ]
    He wanted to bring near a Handle close to a slight degree, and Cables purchased the goods here by the thing with exchange needlessness. Since the
    > Handle post had not been removed, it could exchange for safety or was worries for a while, but it can remove easily with a Socket wrench, and is the completion of exchange to a Smooth. Although it only became merely somewhat near compared with the
    > NORMAL, an arm becomes it easy that it is unexpected and it becomes easy to ride. I think that they are simple and convenient goods to bring a Handle close just for a moment since work is easier than
    Handle exchange.

    However, since it was goods of only that when calling it only the Bolt and the Spacer, the price regarded a few as high. Therefore, the number of stars is four.