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CLEVER LIGHT : Sistem Kendali

    As I think that it will not be the case that this product will be needed in the real sense, as a style.
    Making is solid and you can fine-tune it.
    A little may become Guard around Handlebar even when falling down.
    Lever When adjusting the distance, you need to loosen the Screw of Lever Guard, but since there is not much to adjust the Lever distance,.

    Since Pons attachment can be then carried out, it is the optimal Parts for a Dress-up up. it is Aluminum shaving, and it comes out, structure is also solid, and it is very much satisfied.
    Although a boosting performance, like influence becomes light could not be expected, it became that it is easy to grasp. Since positioning of a six-step time can be performed, Rider with a short finger thinks like me that a degree of satisfaction is quite high.
    Supposing it mentions a fault, since an overall length is shorter than a NORMAL Lever, those who do 4 credit may feel it slightly narrow.

    Adjustment of a lever position can also be performed and this ZiiX Lever is a retractable type! The Touch was also good.