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  • Daftarkan Motor Saya


    Safe packaging, received perfectly, good quality, easy fitting. Installed on CB400SS without any issue

    Although purchased from the impact of appearance, the fixed method to a motorcycle is NG in design.
    Since it is fixing by the handle post, without using the vibration absorption bracket of the top bridge of normal, a headlight shakes to Moro by vibration of an engine.
    the gaiety in which an attachment nut also idles -- after all, attachment is stopped and repurchased MRA.
    It is painful study cost.

    It cmUP(s) pure twist 5 and appearance is also good.
    However, it is necessary to return pure at the time of an automobile inspection.

    It is very much satisfied.

    KATCHOITSU!!! TSU with a feeling very best on very cool looks!!!

    Tell the reason with a small, however splendid effect shelved even if it contributes how many times!

    A screw hole is also exactly and [Webike-monitor] attachment of it was completed simply.
    Nonchalant blue is pleasing.

    Whether it will be made ZEROGRAVITY and after wavering, it purchased here.
    It was finished in quite racy touch and is very much satisfied.
    About air resistance, if it becomes inclined attitudes at the time of high speed operation, he will have a feeling which becomes very easy.
    However, the ZEROGRAVITY may be better if it cares about air resistance.
    As above-mentioned, since I am suitable serious consideration, I am satisfied.

    It is the introduction of an external screen and great desire worried from before.
    Although the original-shaped color screen was originally due to be purchased, it was not able to order by the manufacturer's missing item delivery date undecidedness unluckily.
    Satisfaction can seldom be acquired in the place exchanged for the screen which does not become better for the change in original form.
    Racing form was chosen by if it becomes.
    Moreover, everybody chooses not the smoke attached wholly but a clear.
    The thought people are seldom using what is more strong than permeability is good.
    Attachment is very easy.
    What is necessary is to remove four bolts which are fixing the screen, to draw out a screen, to insert this product and just to fix with a bolt, after attaching and changing a well nut.
    Although he heard that it cannot be made depending on a model, in the 2010 type, it was possible.
    However, although it thinks that there is individual specificity, the bolt hole of the screen purchased this time has shifted for a while, and it is making the cowl strain oneself somewhat.
    The goods themselves are still the penetrable and foppish gradation which was very wonderful and excellent, and firm structure.
    Furthermore, the kind package which it is standard and attaches to the screen mole.
    Although it is a traveling surface to worry, so much change is not felt at an inside low speed.
    When it turned down at speed in nearly 70 K, the same windscreen nature was able to be obtained in the location higher than the pure time.
    However, it is also a feeling grade.
    What does not still need to be fast turned down on a tank is easy.
    moreover, honest, although it is the permeability over a screen -- in such height, since there was nothing, it hardly worried seeing the front through a screen etc.
    At the time of high speed operation, but, where the body is started, it did not think so much that a difference was pure too, but when it lay down for a while, the world changed.
    If the windscreen region of a screen is stepped on at speed that the wind noise is playing the good match to the exhaust sound, a wind will change to a breeze.
    The inside of a helmet is suddenly attacked by the wonderful feeling wrapped calm.
    (But an exhaust sound and an engine sound are active services!) It seems that the screen of this form demonstrates real value too just in a high speed area.
    Although a fundamental running pattern also feels that a function can seldom be exhibited in the latest use that is to enjoy a peak and winding, in the long touring performed occasionally, it is likely to become strong allies, such as fatigue mitigation.

    If the curve is three-dimensional to a slight degree, he is smart, but it is not dissatisfied in the protection-against-wind effect.