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  • Brand: CHERRY

CHERRY : Sparepart Intake

    Photo Right CHERRY (Already used) , KEIHINOEM Left additionally purchased.

    The first insertion was also hard, I felt it hard when pulling out, but the accuracy seems to be bad.
    For setting change, if you try to replace with a radiopen ....
    Since we purchased multiple sheets, we used it as a disposable every time we changed the setting.
    As you can see the shape itself is somewhat different, the material itself is not confirmed but I feel different.

    OEM purchased additionally can withdraw well well, and withstands repeated use many times without becoming useless.
    Originally it is not a high part, so I wish I had made it an OEM without making a mistake.

    The shape looks like Machine Machine is pretty good.
    Although there are cutting marks as in the explanation of goods, persons who have a cutting mark rather than a Polished feel like personally buffing feel like going to become a CRcarburetor.
    However installation is M3 hollow Set 1 pc..
    Although I have not installed it yet, there are few Screw mountains, Holo Set 2 / I caught in about 3 holes and it was in a state not hanging on Mount Screw.
    As a matter of course it can not be tightened and it is rattling, it falls and gets lost during driving ...
    I liked the shape, so I bought the same one again, but Screw Mountain was still in the same state and a shallow thing pretty well came..
    I made M3 Tap processing on my own SIDE of the original installation hole by myself so that it finally becomes 2 points.
    If you like shape if you can machine the smallest limit by yourself, I think that we can recommend it.

    Since it is 60 yen per piece, I bought four Needle clips for CR as a spare. It is a very small part Parts so mistakenly fly and lose sight If you have spare Parts you will not panic. There is no worry if it is prepared.

    People who do Carburetor setting by themselves should surely skip Needle clip once or twice (Lol) !
    There is no grief if it is prepared.
    It is Recommendation for tying purchase.
    I am charging Clip to all spare Needle.

    Compared with KEIHINOEM, COSPA is good, and delivered goods can be used without problems.
    I bought it for bulk as it is a part that is easy to lose well and easily lose.