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Master Rem Radial (Model Vertikal φ19 Master Kopling Pompa Radial)

    Installed on my Zephyr 1100. Had to change the left handlebar switch because it does not clear the choke cable.I bought the PMC left handlebar switch that has no choke cable from webike. Now need to pull thd choke on at thd carburetor. Also changed the clutch hose at the same time.

    Since it was around 2008 that I purchased it, I have used it for more than 10 years, but I do not have any particular discontent,
    There is no problem with the procurement of Repair Parts at affordable price, Trouble is not particularly, deterioration condition is satisfied with no problem level,
    At the time, exchanged with Brake master at the same time, in addition Mesh hose ? Brake Caliper ? Brake rotor
    The reason for exchanging Clutch release with One set, first motivated to strengthen Brake, at that time
    First examined the replacement of the popular 6 Pod Caliper, total replacement around Brake, around Clutch
    There was no reason to say that there was a habit of replacing, especially Clutch is heavy or there is a habit of connection.

    Since this product is a Universal product, we need a bit of ingenuity in terms of installation and it can not be said to be a ponding,
    It is fun to finish up to your liking while solving such problems,

    For example, if you want to lower the angle of Lever slightly downwards from the horizontal or as much as possible,
    It interferes in various places, such as Cowl, Meter, and Hose handling, when car with Cowl cuts Handlebar
    Reserve tank and others may also interfere, so it can not be mounted as desired, and additionally Radial
    Since MASTER has a depth in the structure, it is hard to install extra,

    In addition, since it is simultaneous exchange with Brake Side,
    Clutch Side sounds nice, but Brake Side interferes and vice versa, Brake ? Clutch is RoseRose respectively
    It is bad if it is angle or width, Balance is also bad so it will be working while exploring Limit's compromise,
    But if you can not compromise by all means, safety ? If there is a problem with operability, it will be replaced with machining or parts,
    Replace Reserve tank with one that is small, or short process that bracket, or bend it so as not to interfere
    It may be necessary to try various things about how to install, Hose, especially Banjo
    I think that it is good to prepare several kinds, such as the angle and direction length of the adapter.

    Of course, not only processing on the Lever side, but also processing to the car body is sometimes required,
    Even if we are processing the car body Body, replacing the Meter Bracket's ingenuity or Handlebar with the Other Brand Product, changing the height and angle,
    I think that it will be said to change the Switch Box and change the handling of Wiring, but in the worst case depending on the vehicle type
    Although it may be necessary to give up mounting of the Clutch master itself,
    To my GPZ900R it was possible to install as a result, nothing to say without processing, some processing and compromise was necessary,
    It fits in a convincing form.

    Although it is used impression, it is an ordinary operation feeling now that I used it for 10 years, but when I recall the replacement time ? ? ?
    OEMMASTER was heavy if it was said to be heavy, as long as it is light as a matter of course, there is nothing to be overcome, so at the same time
    Since Clutch release was also installed, there is no impression with Radial master Single Body, but MASTER ? Mesh hose ?
    I will write the impression of simultaneous exchange of Clutch release,
    First of all it was the weight when I grabbed Clutch, but I felt lighter by the effect of Radialization and Clutch release,
    It certainly became lighter compared with the 900R of the friend, I think that it can be said that there is an effect,
    Personally, it is better that OEM MASTER's unique repulsion power when connecting Clutch was improved than being lighter,
    "Unique" Although it is difficult to express, the repulsive power of the first half and the second half is different "Paccon" Connect with the feeling
    (Although it may have been obscure ? ? ? )

    That "Paccon" Is lost, the whole area etc.. It took a lot of effort, it became easier to splice and became Smooth, this effect
    I feel like the benefits of Radial master, but I do not know for sure, with regard to weight Clutch release and
    The synergistic effect of Radial master + Brushover effect may be Large, but if it is Total it is very good impression.

    Lastly about Design, I think that this is already functionally organized, functional beauty can be said,
    There is no sense of fashion compared to the one made in Europe, but it is good for it personally, in other words, it is functional beauty
    To put it badly, you will not notice even if you choose OEM style, Body colorBack,
    If you do not like it, you can choose Gold, you can assert it more or less and you may be noticed,
    Even in that sense, it's also fair to choose Body color,

    Operation of heavy Clutch lever of ZrX1200R
    I was giving up, but because it looks different
    I changed it with no good but I am satisfied with the softness which is not comparable with NORMAL.
    Clutch's Wiring needed processing to explain the problem.

    Recognize a decline in grip strength with age.
    We thought about switching to a recent Motorcycle with Assist & Slippers function but lacking resources.
    Since the hydraulic system has only Careed the extent of the Fold replacement up to now, O. H I tried to convert it to Rapon MASTER of rumors.

    Because lightning bolt number is so-called NAKED, installation is easy without bothering person. However, since the connection position of Hose is on the lower side, Banjo of Brake hose is replaced with thing which swings 30 degrees.
    Because the Reserver tank may be separate, it is necessary to do air bleeding in the MASTER section and the Cylinder section, but it takes less time to complete.
    Impression, subjective but impressive Level. Lightness like 250Class Motorcycle.
    As the Lever ratio changes and the Stroke becomes longer, it makes it easier to operate halfclaws.
    Depending on the Lever shape, so-called OKGrip (Lever operation with middle finger ~ Small finger only) It is easy to do.
    It is not cheap as an expense, but the effect was absolutely Large. I could buy it at the time of Sale and still better.
    Brand power is inferior to brembo, but the performance is Nisshin with origami.
    Large Succeeded in Custom.

    ZrX1200R (04) A heavy Clutch like an idiot of stupid will be lighter like a stupid combination.

    This product Nisshin RadiPon 19
    Kawasaki OEM Parts Number Release release (For ZZr) 13231-0002
    NISSIN Nisshin : [NISSIN Repair Parts for Master Cylinder] Switch Connector ProductNo : 65615
    NTB NTB : Choke Cable Commercial Product No : CKH-001

    Well as you replace Mesh hose in the wire as well.

    StainlessUniversal hose (Good Ridge Build Line : B31130 1160mm )
    Stainless banjo bolt 2 (Active # 3 BANJO BOLT Shoulder Bag P1. 25S ProductNo992-03-32C)
    Stainless Banjo Adapter(Active#3 BANJO A. D45 ProductNoB597-03C)

    Hose may be short one more time?
    Banjo series colors etc etc. Because it is the same type and the model number is various, so please check it properly.

    Release Ash will not enter as it is, so the body side (Plate circular hole) Cut a little bit.
    Mesh hose When changing, slave Cylinder must be cut.
    Power cutting tools are essential for cutting. It is impossible.

    Because it can not be installed with ChalkOEM, Chalk relocation & partly cut from Lever.
    Move to Bracket or fix with Tie Wrap. It does not have to bother to purchase expensive exclusive items.

    That's it, it became Clutch meat lighter than 16-year ZX-10R.
    Is it really OK with Sukasukka? It gets lighter.

    When I opened the box, the Switch had already been damaged, but there was a spare, so I used it without returning but it broke down less than a month ago.

    I am using it for Vmax 1200 reverse car. OEM of the past, because Clutch was heavy, I made it to N even if I stopped a little, but after replacing it became very light. I feel it is easier to meet, so I think that the effect is Large.

    Four months have passed since I installed it, but nice items are still nice ヽ (^o^) Radical 4
    It looks better than OEM Product GOOD !!
    It is dish of Recommendation!

    <a href="http : / / www. webike. net / af / 1448256 / d2yzEiljuOExnrCulPvk / ">
    <img src="http : / / w1. webike. net / catalogue / images / 29490 / 1_145759840054139900_m_n9elr_l_s. jpg" alt="NISSIN Nisshin / Radial clutch master cylinder kit [Vertical type Φ 19] " width="140" height="140" border="0">

    NISSIN Nisshin / Radial clutch master cylinder kit [Vertical type Φ 19] CB1000SF / T2 (92-97) / (94-97) < / a>

    We purchased it when Bae Big sells at bargain.
    As expected it is NISSIN made without saying!
    I am thinking about replacing the Brake side with the same one (* ^. ^*)

    I installed it on zrx 1200 daeg.
    Mesh hose, Relays (NORMAL) Touch became lighter than OEM and then it replaced with zzr 1400 OEM's Relays, but it got a little lighter, but it became difficult to control slightly.
    I think that it will be a problem if it gets used so I would like to see a little.