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BK-061 FTC Riding Shoes

    Previously Elf shoes were the only shoes, but there was a bit of difficulty to walk until substitution. It is fixed from the beginning (It is protected) There is a sense, but comfort (A certain comfort) I am grateful for Soft. It is slightly troublesome because it is Race adjustment, but because it is not a day to get out of esoteric difficulties on the 1st, so will I be complaining if I consider Fit feeling and price. Large is usually 26. Although it is 0, according to everyone's recommendation 26. It was just good with 5?.

    Steady build for price.
    Size is usually 0. I purchased 5? Large eyes.
    It is a nice feeling with thick socks, but in thin sheer socks is a little loose so I'm putting insole.
    Dissatisfaction is a touch to the foot, a little hard feeling.

    Ease of use and feeling are now.

    Usually 27. I am wearing 5? Sneakers, but purchase 28?.
    Because I feel a little loose, I'm putting insole.
    In addition to having an insoles, Sole is thick,
    Shift - I need to get used to the subtle fluctuation of Brake.
    Also, since Sole is uneven, it caught on the foot gold foot belonging to Off,
    You can not slide and move when moving legs back and forth.
    It is unsuitable for Sports driving, but it is enough for non-wheel systems such as Touring.

    I like it with a casual look.

    I bought MotorcycleShoes for the first time, so I bought this one that was the best selling point for the time being
    It can not be compared with other products, but I think it's a good one. Because the feet are wide, Size is 1 cm Large from the shoes I usually wear. I feel that the ankle's surroundings are still unfamiliar but it hurts, but I think that I could do a good shopping.

    Purchase for beginner's son.
    Sole is a Trekking Pattern, even when walking around Motorcycle, it has Cushion nature and it is hard to get tired. It is a tough SolePattern for Street motorcycle.
    Size : Sneakers for everyday use is 27. 5, but buy 28. It seems that the part of the toe that can not be adjusted with the shoelace is narrow, and if it is thick socks it will be hard.
    It may be better to adjust it with 1 cm Large Size and Insole.

    I have waited a long time without inventory, but it was worth waiting. Cost performance of goods is good, I am satisfied. I was worried about Size until I tried it, but it was perfect. I made it one centimeter larger than the usual size, but it was the correct answer. Wae Big is safe because it can be exchanged, but it seems not necessary. There was no inventory due to the convenience of Manufacturer and it took time to obtain, but we were able to wait with peace of mind when we received from Bae Wei each time. We appreciate your continued support..

    I bought Kimine 's Riding shoes beforehand by matching the size at the shop so I bought a 2 cm Large Year 27 cm. Because the toes part is hard, it will hit if it is not of Large texture.
    I bought it cheaply because I bought it at the time of Sale because the comfort is also good. Regarding waterproofness, I have not tried it yet so I do not know..

    Purchased as Riding shoes for winter
    BK-067 of the same manufacturer is also used, but if you compare usage at temperature of around 5 ° C and it runs for a while for BK-067 it will get colder feet but this BK-061 will not get cold at all. It is the best for winter.
    Since it wears thick socks like Size, it is usually 26. 5 to 27. Although it is 0. It is 5 and it is Exactly.
    As MinusPoint, there was also evaluation of everyone, processing of the shoelace tip is troublesome.
    Totally I think that it is an outstanding excellent work for COSPA.

    I am happy to be able to buy Komine's Riding shoes at this price! I feel comfortable. This is snow cover with MotorcycleOff period, but I want to Riding early in spring and wear this Shoes. Design - Performance - Price is fine with price.

    Purchased in October 2015. Refer to this impule 0. I made 5 cm Large.

    I like the design of quietness, but I'd like you to keep down the bit thicker, such as the thickness of the bottom.

    About 1 year - I ran into 12,000?. It was not cold in winter and summer did not get distressed. There is nothing troubled by wearing this Shoes.

    From around August, the pad surface peels off due to rubbing of Shift Pedal.

    In September, the sewn part of Belt's Magic tape was frayed and repaired.