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  • Produk: SB-21 Boots Pendek

SB-21 Boots Pendek

    Although it rode on the Motorcycle with the Sneakers etc. until now in many cases, when the light youth Boots was looked for taking advantage of taking an Off vehicle, it arrived at this product.
    -- it being secure to cover to the ankle neighborhood that it is comparatively easy to wear, and not letting cold pass, either -- future time -- it is kind.

    It is the 2nd pair of shoes.
    -- this price -- the engine performance -- it wears and is very refreshing.
    It mainly uses for the Touring in an Off vehicle.
    Above all, as oneself, a Sole is thicker and it becomes somewhat good with a guide peg. [ who has difficulty with a guide peg a little ]

    [Webike Monitor] It purchased for
    price is comparatively solid, and since the Design was also a favorite thing, it is very much satisfied.It is the highest!

    Although it was a they are sneakers when riding on a motorcycle group, since the opportunity to go for touring increased, the shoes for riding were purchased.
    Although it was the touch made into the firmly than expected, it got used immediately.
    Moreover, since it was high-heeled compared with sneakers, it became good also with the guide peg.
    Since the portion of a shell also has width highly, it may say even slight smallness about 0.5 cm rather than the always worn shoes.