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Lampu Belakang (Blaze)

    ไฟท้ายtakegawa สำหรับzoomer เป็นไฟท้ายที่สีสันสวยงาม วัสดุดี คุณภาพดีใช้แล้วไม่ซีด มีหลอดไฟมาในแพ็คเกจ สำหรับไฟท้ายรุ่นนี้โดยเฉพาะ Takegawa tail light for the zoomer is a tail light that is colorful, good quality material is not used to pale. There is a light bulb in the package. For this particular tail lights. (translated by Google Translator)

    I have bought and used the product. Very good position. I have traveled many places together with their favorite cars. I'm very satisfied.

    Attached to ape 50 fi type D. Turn the Standard Tail Lamp by turning the screens and replace it and replace it! After you turn on it, the atmosphere will change lazily. Compared to NORMAL Stylish is a very Recommendation! There is no worry that if you secure Screw firmly it will not come off! Recommendation!

    เลนค์สีชมพูสวยดี ผมชอบสีชมพู ใสแล้วคงจะสวยขึ้นมาอีกเยอะเลยใส่กับเลนค์สโมกแล้วคงจะเข้ากันดีมากเลย ผมคิดว่าอย่างนั้น

    I got lost as SmokeTail, but since Blinker was Clear blinker, I made it this item. The sheer looking Plating is beautiful, SIDE's Takegawa character is cool. I bought it for the 15th anniversary point 10 times, but as soon as I bought it dropped the price, I did not mean that I bought it for 10 times the point.

    OEM's Tail lamp was red as it was feeling impeccable so I exchanged it.

    I was troubled with Clear and Smoke, but it was a correct answer as Smoke. I am satisfied with the chic feeling finished..

    Installation was easy, the shape was also Exactly.

    Because OEM Valve seems to have a possibility of melting with heat, it is kind that the Small diameter Valve for replacement is included in the package.

    Minus one star is about a little more expensive, I am satisfied with the product.

    the color called pink -- a few -- first -- although it was hot, goods were good by the color of touch thinner than calling it a pink like clear red as the image.
    Attachment is also easy, and since he is foppish above all, it is good for a dress-up up.

    It is a re-report although it seems that it is persistent.
    Although I was allowed for the report to last time to describe the darkness of a stop-lamp, the bulb was changed for SMD multiple-string type and diffusion type LED from 10W bulb of takegawa attachment lately.
    The visibility at the time of a stop-lamp increased markedly as the photograph.
    It is said that the incandescent bulb of a high wattage is NG from the field of thermal strength according to the description.
    It writes to LED with this stop-lamp visibility improvement plan, and is tampering with the wiring circuit for a while.
    Because, at the time of a small, since the circuit of the ape FI is Alternating Current of AC dynamo origin, LED does not stick.
    It changed so that the light might be switched on from a battery by the ignition ON through a relay this time.
    Although it is future still more, if an effect shows up, I will re-report the impression from surrounding Rider, etc.

    Although a day is still shallow from impression at the time of the last attachment, it is used in various scenes for several days, and since there was new discovery, I will re-report.
    Although it was the visibility which thought was high at the time of attachment, it said to the coworker who was running succession.
    What is attached now [ unclear / ... /-in whether are there few differences in brightness of tail lamp and stop-lamp and to have stepped on brake ] is the bulb of 5/10W enclosed by the product.
    It seems that it is inferior in the visibility from a part with little diffusion of light, and slanting back somehow although this is w as it is pure.
    Since I do not want to carry out custom even by endangering safety, I use a bulb besides the present or am inquiring in use on the LED bulb with high diffusibility.
    Although appearance is sharp and it is pleasing, it is just going to worry now as if important visibility is not dealt with.

    Parts whose degree of tune-up it is cheap and is high.
    A clear is beautiful and it is recommendation.
    But a car wash wound is attached easily.