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Sepatu Riding Boa

    These shoes gave me a strong trust about Honda gears. The size of my foot is about 251mm and I choose 265.5 size because I needed a pair of riding shoes for this winter. The size is exact when I put winter socks. With these boots and winter socks, I hardly feel coldness even when I ride about 15 minutes under -10 degree Celsius. Every Sewing and bonding of shoe parts was perfect. Boa made it really easy and quick to fasten. It also help to unfasten wire lace. It is comparative cheap also. At first it felt some pain around my ankle. After the third use of boots, the pain went away. The boots has soft safety sliders on the parts of toe, inside and outside of ankles. I love the quality of the shoes.

    I used Thailand's things before, but the bottom of my shoes has gotten worn out, so I bought this.
    Because Thai 's things were good, I can not deny a little cheap feeling. I could not say that comfort was also very good, I thought that I should have done it a little more and put it in Thailand.

    very good quality shoes. honda's tri color~~ It is suitable for light riding in everyday life. but this is made in china.

    Usually 27. Because I am wearing 5 I ordered that size and I was told that there was no handling 28. Order 0.
    I adjusted it with insoles because I never have to wear it for Large.
    At first it was painful that the part where the foot stiffly hits the foot was painful
    It became easy to wear very well as it became familiar.

    Because it is a bit heavy, walking down Motorcycle will come to your feet at the Level that will gradually come to Lever depending on the distance.

    boaSystem is very convenient and good. When wearing it is only turning and pulling at the time of taking off, you can wear off easily.
    Size is somewhat bigger than Size of usual stuff, is not it? Somewhere, it is a bit difficult. I hope I can try it.
    As a review, it is a very good Shoes.

    Cool !!!
    It will be a replacement from elf's SYNTHESE 14, but BOASystem is easy to adjust and very easy to use.
    Anyway Honda party is unbearable Design. I wish a lot more Red was used,
    Protection is also necessary enough, the part to which Shift Pedal hits is firmly reinforced, yet there is a feeling of operation.
    Honda-like design is given to the bottom of Sole. I am very happy that I got it.
    Moreover, there is no choice but to buy it with Waterproof Specification.