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【YOSHIMURA】Bracket Speedometer Digital Tipe B

Harga: Rp526,000

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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    • 414-011-0400

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Mengetik : B (Kecil)
Baut Penjepit Stang yang Dapat Dipasang : M8
Pemasangan Meteran yang Direkomendasikan : Dual Temp Meter, Multi-temp Meter, Single Temp Meter, PRO-GRESS1 Temp / Voltmeter

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[Important] Online Warranty Registration Information
The new online warranty registration was launched in November 2016. Instead of the traditional paper warranty card, we have introduced an online warranty registration method.Please register your product for the online warranty and keep the receipt proving the date of purchase to be eligible for the quality warranty.
For details, please refer to Yoshimura HP (Online Warranty Registration:Please check


Ini adalah braket untuk memasang pengukur digital. Tipe B cocok untuk pemasangan meteran yang relatif kecil. Ini juga mendukung pemasangan beberapa meter karena itu juga dapat dipasang pada tipe A.

[penting] Informasi tentang pendaftaran garansi online
Ini memulai pendaftaran garansi baru sejak November 2016. Ini memperkenalkan metode untuk mendaftarkan garansi online di Internet daripada menggunakan garansi kertas tradisional. Ini tunduk pada jaminan kualitas dengan mendaftarkan garansi online dan menyimpan tanda terima, dll. yang menyatakan tanggal pembelian.
Silakan lihat detail di YOSHIMURA HP (Pendaftaran garansi OnLine : http : //www.yoshimura-jp. com / produk / online-garansi.php).
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    【What made you decide the purchase?】
    MT-09 (2014 model) I bought it to add Oil Temperature Gauge to.
    Additional Meter thought that outside around us, because it is apt to be frustrating around the Handlebar, I happened to find this Meter bracket in the color of a thing in Yoshimura's Homepage and in the coloring, at first sight, love at first sight Oil Temperature Gauge I bought it with a set of Sensor.

    【How was it actually used?】
    Unlike Carbon meter bracket TYPE-A made by the company, it is made only with Bolt 1 pc, so I was worried about vibration during running, but at present it is comfortable without coming out particularly strange vibration at high speeds and ordinary roads I can use it..
    Since the thickness of the board part of Carbon is about 3 mm, the impression that I had is quite solidly impressed.

    【Mounting was difficult?】
    If the top of the Handlebar Post is Flat, remove the OEMBolt of the part where you want to fix the Meter bracket and fasten the attached bracket set together and fix it..
    Hexagonal Wrench or Double-end Wrenchetc. Everyone can easily install it if there is a corresponding Wrench.
    But my MT - 09 Handlebar Post is Fat barSpec. There were also things, the center part was exciting, Color and Bolt of the genus MeterWith Bracket were not available due to lack of height.
    Therefore, separately KITACO Aluminum Spacer for M8 15 mm (0900-093-02049) And 3 mm (0900-093-02009) , I fixed it using the M8's Stainless cap bolt of 50 mm length under the head of my hand.

    【Please tell me the installation point and hang】
    If you use the included Stainless bolt, or a commercially available Stainless bolt like me, Thread compoundetc. I think that it is good to fix Bolt after applying Grease of Type that prevents galling between heterogeneous Gold genus on Screw Mountain.
    In addition, it is dangerous to overtighten the Bolt of Handlebar Post even if it is too loose, so when you tighten Bolt let's protect Torque wrench.

    [Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
    The Oil Temperature Gauge is fixed using Magic tape, but due to the meat removal on the Meter bracket side, the area of ??the adhesive surface on the back side of the Magic tape is insufficient, and the Oil Temperature Gauge is attached and detached several times Magic tape I got peeled off. Since it can not be helped separately, I purchased Magic tape pasted with a powerful Double-sided Tape called 3 M Surface Fastener separately and used it.
    Oil Temperature Gauge Because the attached Magic tape is a thing like something like 100 sold, there is no choice but to say that there is no choice, but if it is then it would be better to fix it firmly if you do not puncture meat I wish I was.

    【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
    I think that there is no problem with price and product finish. Just thinking that Meter bracket's meat punching was unnecessary.

    【Have you compared items?】

    I thought that additional handhelds were out of the way until now until now, but if you have such a cool Meter bracket, you say you want to wear it even if you do not need the Oil Temperature Gauge.
    Depending on the type of car, I think that it is necessary to devise one way to install it, but I think that it is good news for those who would like to install additional Digital meter in SMART.

    By changing the way Clutch Wire changes the temple Meter-
    Because I was forced to move, on this occasion YOSHIMURA's
    Change to Bracket. By replacing it, good looks and
    The visibility has improved. Recommended.

    Besides Bracketetc. I could make it cheaply, I could use the other manufacturer's product, but YOSHIMURATemp meter is YOSHIMURA. I ordered it by thing. I also like Carbon.

    Great product. Correct size for Yoshi Digital temp gauge. Comes with fitting hardware and spacer (spacer not used by me). Strong and lightweight.

    Since the raw material was a Carbon, it gave up without being unable to bend but finding a fixing position suitable in CB-F of a Separate handle. After all, it corresponded by the general-purpose Stay. Since the Parenthesis by firm structure of the
    goods themselves is good, it is regrettable.

    [a Webike Monitor] -- most, beams with
    Meter, -- it is not related although vanity becomes there is not less. He likes the
    Thanks to this, the Meter was also attached shapely.

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