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【DAYTONA】Reflektor (Slim)

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DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Selatan, Cilandak
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Ini adalah refleks / reflektor yang diperlukan (reflektor bagian belakang) untuk kendaraan yang dikendarai di jalan umum, apa pun jenisnya tanpa pemeriksaan kendaraan Jepang.
Ini adalah bagian reflektif : tipe ramping dengan 100mm x 13mm. Ini adalah produk aman yang juga memenuhi standar ECE, standar SAE, yang dilampirkan dengan nomor sertifikasi. Tentu saja, pemeriksaan kendaraan Jepang tidak masalah.

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  • Tulis Ulasan

    WirusWin (WirusWin) By installing the Fender Eliminator Kit, I bought it because there is no Reflector in Kit.

    I liked it because it looks refreshed at Slim rather than OEM.
    As I saw someone who was written in Impre because it was just vibrating with Screw stopper, after attaching with the hand held Double-sided Tape, we purchased loose stopper Nut separately from Home Center and installed it.

    I used it for Repair. I am satisfied because I can attach it to SMART as I like shape. Especially when you combine with Fender Eliminator, the feeling of refinement is improved!
    It is only Reflector, so I would like to make it a little cheaper ....

    The model used will be ZZr 1100 C 3

    I purchased it with Fender Eliminator
    Noticing that there is no Reflector, at Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence
    I bought it

    To determine the best position to paste
    Purchasing Black underlay in Hundred Young
    License Plate Co-stop behind, paste
    I did it

    It was attached to a good feeling and safety was ensured
    I feel it.

    The shape of the Reflector attached to Fender Eliminator was the first one, so I replaced it, Rear tire got better looking and Rear's Forme got clearer, I think that the product is solidly made, I'm glad to have it That's it..

    I installed it along with Fender Eliminator, but I was dropped or lost in trial operation, because the tightening was bad.
    The first one bought a bit like a triangle, but this time I made it a square.
    To prevent falling, I fixed it using a double-sided tape and an instantaneous adhesive.

    I bought it for making WR 250 R Fender Eliminator. I heard the story that Reflector was missing and he was caught - - -.
    Design is simple with easy Paste Type!
    Double-sided Tape is also powerful and secure.

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